Thursday, April 05, 2007

It sure is Spring Out!

Ben experiencing the great outdoors.

Isabelle had to dress like a farmer for school!
Easter cookies. Can you tell which ones I decorated and which ones Isabelle decorated? hehe
Random- thoughts.comments.updates....
  • According to Isabelle, "It sure is spring out".
  • Isabelle saying: "I like shromp! I eat it with my dingers". translation - I like shrimp, I eat it with my fingers.
  • Isabelle informed me today that she does not have a golden ticket and neither do I.
  • Ben is a maniac! He is all over the place. He drags himself from one end of a room to the next room in like two seconds! He is practically full blown crawling! He likes to play tag with lance. Ben reaches him and lance licks his face, gets up and leaves. Then they do it again.
  • my refrigerator needs to be cleaned out. too many leftovers looming in there, taking up valuable space.
  • Speaking of lovely clothes dryer isnt working right lately- so..I have to wait til a sunny non rainy day to do my laundry so I can hang it on the line. Those days are far and few between today I braved it...but my fingers froze as I hung them on the line. I think I washed enough clothes for today.
  • Isabelle recenty re-discovered her giant bouncey ball that santa gave her.
    The kind of ball with the handles..that the kid jumps on all over the house...well my question is, what the heck was Santa thinking when he (she) decided on that gift? Seriously.
  • Ben is now in size 4 diapers. I dont think Isabelle reached size 4 until she was like 1 or something.
  • Isabelle names everything (dolls, imaginary friends, herself ): Kay Kay. Always. I don’t know why she likes this name or where it comes from.
  • Isabelle's favorite current movie is: Peter Pan.
  • Isabelle asked for SUN eggs today. I usually make her scrambled eggs. So, I made her SUN eggs. She informed me that I did not make them the way daddy makes them. But, she ate them anyway, cuz Mary eats SUN eggs.
  • The Office - there is a brand new episode tonight. I can't wait. It looks like it will be a good one. Roy is going to attempt to kill Jim.

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Anonymous said...

Super cool moptop shirt Ben, I find myself jealous!