Thursday, April 19, 2007

Call the rabbit?

Isabelle with a lollypop. Sept. 2006
So, I haven't really taken any photos lately, so I thought I would post this 12x12 scrap page that I recently made. I actually entered it into the Martha Stewart Scrap page contest! I have never entered/submitted any scrap work anywhere before, but I felt compelled to enter this contest. I think because there were no rules. I'm good when I don't have to follow a much of direction.

Nothing else major going on except this sudden head cold that is totally kicking my butt. UGH! I hate being sick! I cannot function at all! I can't think, I can't sleep. It's so awful, just hope it passes soon.
Last week, I told Isabelle that I was going to call the Easter Bunny and tell him not to bring her so much chocolate next year (because it is a constant struggle of her asking for one piece, one piece, one piece untill it's gone!). And today she asked me if I called the rabbit yet? I said who? The easter rabbit! Did you call him? No. Good.
That's about all the excitement I have to share at the moment as my head feels like it might explode. So - good day and best wishes for a pleasant tomorrow.

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