Friday, September 28, 2012

Leaves and stuff.

 This TIGER scout is selling POPCORN!!!!   If you are interested, please contact us for details!!!!!
 This is one of our puppies (Scout), father.   He is amazing.  This dog is just WOW.  I am in awe of his majesty.
 At training this weekend there was a very brave family of CATS/kittens.  They even approached all the dogs at one point.  Rose barked like a maniac.  Scout could care less. ((and holy chicken by the way and you should see the roosters!)).
 Hello Autumn!!!!!!! You greet me once again and I am in amazement of your beauty and power over me.  I love you fall.   You reawaken my existence like no other season.   I don't know why I love you so much, but I do and that shall never weaken.  Thank you for greeting me when I need you most.  Thank you for reminding me to breathe.  I welcome you with all my heart and soul.
A horse is a horse of course of course.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

happiness WARM puppy

 Finished a painting of my Olivia & Rose.  Titled:  Happiness is a warm puppy. (charles shultz)
 Isabelle and Ben call this carrying the Princess.
 Ben riding his bike!
 Ben falling off of his bike :)
A Random Deer.
The pups do not like the deer nor the turkey.  They bark bark bark at them.   They all stare at each other in a frozen stance for a while and then all animals go about their business as if they never noticed each other.  I love when the puppies are tired and lay on each other. So cute - got to get a pic.  I guess that makes up for that fact that we are going through a lot of papertowels these days.  Ben has a loose tooth. His first one!  We had taco salad for dinner.  My hands smell like onion.  Today, I stood out in the autumn wind and the bright sun, and I breathed in the earth and I was at peace.  I thanked the lord for my many gifts. I think we will all hit the hay early tonight, we are getting so worn and tired these days, on the verge of colds.  Tomorrow we need to get up early for dog training.  Can't wait to jump into bed tonight -  I started reading a book that I find very interesting:  Rin Tin Tin.  :)  Well, Ben wants me to go set his alarm clock, so I suppose I must go as there are other things to attend to as well.  Happy Weekend.

Monday, September 17, 2012

step into the light, everything will be alright

 Ben snuggling Scout.  The puppies are growing so fast already!  I can't believe that they have already been with us for two weeks.  Their personalities are shining through and it is exciting to see them develop.  It is so fun to see them interact with the kids and with each other.  They are a handful no doubt....but quite honestly, I am quite enjoying it.  Sure they are trouble, but sometimes in life....trouble is what gets us to become awake when we have been sleeping for too long.  Trouble is what opens our hearts and our minds to the possibilities that await.   I like that they are trouble.  I hope that they won't be too much trouble. Only time will tell. :)
 Speaking of Trouble - Olivia (playing in the bird bath) and Rose (chewing something).  Both causing trouble and not listening to come in when called.  Misc. Notes:  This crazy circus just keeps on growing!  oh well, can't say that I am bored.  I do kind of secretly hope the fish dies so I can gain some counter space back.  These days have been a whirlwind.  I invite the cool breezes that whisper to me that Autumn is coming.  I love that Olivia calls sponge bob: bob bob.  Ben has learned to ride his two wheeler officially.  Isabelle is dancing like a fool to her ipod music.  Our school is having its ups and downs.  I always feel like we are not doing enough, but maybe we are.  Noah is on a business trip and I hate when he is away.  I feel anxious and sad.  I hear the cool wind outside.  I hear an owl.  I hear the puppies chomping on their food.  I hear Olivia saying: up up up up.  I think her butt might stink.  got to check into that.  We had baked sweet potatoes and turkey for dinner.  Olivia is now singing and I can no longer hear the wind or the owl.  Isabelle just thanked me for dinner, how sweet that girl is.  There are books spread all over my counter as we did school upstairs today for a change of pace.  I think that worked pretty well...but really what do I know?  I do know that I have some very muddy shoes and clothes to clean for Ben since he played in the creek and collected clams half of Sunday.  My little wild boy.  Olivia just stole all the ice packs out of the freezer.  Wonder what her plan is.  Every day I think about how I want to paint, but every day ends with me never making it that far...maybe I do a sketch of an idea...but that is as far as I get.   Maybe tomorrow will be different.  Maybe tomorrow, I will get further.  Create.  Create.  The word echoes through my soul...and I know I should listen....I know I should...but, the end of the day, beats me every
Olivia eating a Paleo / gluten-free chocolate cookie and loving it!  For those who think that my children get no treats or "special" snacks...they do.  This is a homemade cookie that is made with great healthy stuff that won't hurt their tummies or make them feel sick.  I feel good giving it to them and they enjoy eating them.  Isabelle helped me make these!  She was so excited because she loves to cook/bake and she loves trying new recipes.  I think about what is best for my children every moment that I am awake and breathing and alive. This is my job.  I am not cheating them or mistreating them. My children are not on a diet.  They are not restricted food if they are hungry, they are just restricted of food that we don't feel is best for their precious growing bodies.  I feel so good giving them healthy meals.  My children have so many wonderful choices/opportunities and I am so excited for them.  I sure have a lot to learn on this (not so easy) journey, but the more I learn, the more I understand and the more I look forward to this path and our next meal together :).

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pumpkin Tree

 A Creekside View.
 A Boy and his Pup.
 A Gnome or Fairy hole.  I am really not sure which one it is yet.  Will have to do some investigation to know for sure.
 The kids (with their friend) drawing under a tree on a beautiful early evening.
Sometimes kids fall asleep in the most uncomfortable places.   But, as long as Ben has his very loved blankie cow with him, he is just fine.  ----- So another weekend begins.  Lots planned already including a family wedding and dog training.  I love that it's really starting to feel like fall already.  Trying a whole lot of new recipes around here lately (might have something to do with two new cookbooks that I've bought (Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook and Practical Paleo).   I know there are tons of recipes online, but there is just something about having the actual book in your hands.  The kids love flipping threw them and picking stuff out to try as well.  They have also been helping with preparing some things so that has been (a bit more messy).  So successful new stuff has been:  Pumpkin Pancakes (biggest hit), Tuna Patties (with a lemon garlic aoli sauce (another super favorite), Broc/Cauli Chowder w/ bacon (parent favorite, not so much with the kids), Smoky Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs (also a winner!).  Oh yeah, and Pumpkin Custard was great too!  My coffee is gone and I have a list ten miles long to accomplish this am so I better get a move on.  Sounds like a heard of elephants got loose (puppy one and puppy two).  Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vida la Vida

 Isabelle & Rose at Dog Training this weekend.  What a great morning.  Everyone was a superstar and we even got some sun.   To see all these amazing beautiful dogs together, it was breathtaking.
 Sunday Dinner:  Duck...Cabbage...and Wine of course.
 Scavenger Hike Nature Walk - Just in case you didn't know...Ben's adventurism... kind of makes me a tad nervous at times.  He is ALL boy.  My climbing creative little guy....who makes my heart stop, but makes my heart filled to the brim and spill over.
 We are calling Liv: the DOG WHISPERER...these days.  The puppy handler...director...boss...controller...might be appropriate along those lines as well.   She just loves her new puppies!  Do they look scared?   Um....I think they are getting used to her "snuggles".
Spiderman in the middle of my peaceful bamboo plant.  Seriously?  Dominoes falling in great crashes around me.  This is the chaos of my daily life.  I thrive in peace and order and that does not exist here.   Do I exist here?  I do not know.   My reality is taken for a sailboat ride in a thunderstorm every single day. Pulled in so many directions at once.  I love it, yet it makes me want to puke.   Just something I had to get used to.  Something I had to accept.  Some days, yes some days are easier then others.  Those are the days that we put on the tunes and dance our way through making dinner and the evening hours.  Other days, I struggle not to cry.  Not because things are bad or horrible in any way...just because my selfish self doesn't have things in the way that I would find ideal.  My house is not neat or orderly, I have basically no free/me time.  This gets to me sometimes.  But, I chose this life and I am blessed by the demands that are placed upon me although I dont always realize this when I should.   Most the time I am ok, but all gets me down. Overwhelmed & drowning.   This circus of chaos that I cannot control, it exhausts me and I do not feel that I am enough or ever will be..  But then I ask myself, why do I have to control it?  Who cares?  Seriously.  What rules say that I have to do this or that?  If I could just let go of the restrictions and musts that I place upon myself, than maybe I could enjoy a smidge more instead of getting frustrated with all the time that slips away without my goals, plans and dreams even a glint in the moment of the day.  I hate that time runs fast away from me.  I hate that the children grow so quick.  I hate that I can't give them more of me. I know that I shouldn't hate, but I do.  I hate that I now have grey hair among other things.   I am so afraid of not being able to do , what I need to do.  I am feeling so challenged in so many ways and feel like I am failing a whole lot these days.  I need to have patience, I need  to have strength, I need to have understanding, I need to have I pray for these things.  That is all I know how to do.  I pray that I survive and that I thrive and maybe along the way that I truly do something good and worthy and important, that I make some kind of difference along the way in this crazy world.  In this time in which I seem like nothing...but maybe, just maybe I am much more than that.  Laughter, Tears, Screams and Joy....I am here, through it all....creating it, accepting it, loving it, hating it....being it.  I truly love my life.....I just pray that I learn how to TRULY LOVE MY LIFE.  I need to let go and let love.  I know this.  Let Love.  Let Love.  Let Love.

Friday, September 07, 2012

school fools & double trouble

Science Girl.  Our lesson yesterday.  This girl sure likes to take notes....must take after her mom.
 Science Boy...learning about Dodo birds (extinction) and such.
 We have started our ART wall!  I think we would all love to do art all day long...and quite honestly, haven't got to do it so much I declared today a fun Friday.  Focus being:  Art, Read, Play.  Repeat. :).  My other reason for declaring this day is because we all needed it.  It has been a challenging week as far as I am still trying to figure out routine...and what works and doesn't work...biggest challenge being, keeping Olivia happy and involved as much as possible.  We took a lot of puppy breaks (and probably a lot of potty breaks as well) this week and trust me, sitting out in the grass with the sun and and the breeze and just playing and laughing....that is exactly what we needed.  All in all, I think we all learned a good amount of great stuff this week...and I need to just breathe and know that it is o.k and it is enough.  We have done enough for now :)
 Paleo Brownies - I got this recipe from a friend, these are super healthy (there is even zucchini in them as the main ingredient) and to top that off they taste pretty darn great.  The first time I made this, I screwed it up because I used too dark of a chocolate, just didn't taste right, so this was my attempt #2 and I would say:  total success.  This dish should be fun to clean...
Double Trouble resting together.   These two are of course quite a handful....yet, a pretty wonderful handful at that. I did write the message on our kitchen chalkboard today to say: 2 puppies 4 sale!  But, nobody liked that.  So, I guess we will keep them for another day.  The great thing is the kids are really learning to keep their toys off of the floor!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

went for 1 came home with 2

 Rose - This is our gentle beauty
 Scout - This is our playful pal
 Rose & Scout
 Scout & Ben
Family (circus - haha)

Since the move, I have had it in my head and in my heart that we would be welcoming a puppy into our mix soon.  Well feeling settled and like something is missing....finally the day had arrived.  We went to our favorite breeder to get a GSD puppy.  We went for one, we came back with two.  I know!!!!! Call me crazy!!! Call me insane.  I know.  It's o.k.  I accept.  I felt crazy, saying....Yes.  Yes, we can take two home.  Especially, knowing how I had such a hard recent past with our last dog, Lance.   But, I also know this.  I know that Lance was sick for a long time and he had a hard life and in turn we had a hard life because of it.  I also know that not every situation is the same.  I also know that we learned alot from past experiences.  Alot.  Things that we plan to do differently in the future.  I know a puppy is much work.  I know that two puppies is much more.  I don't care.  I welcome this circus.  This chaos.  This mess and this noise.  Right now, today - I say YES.  YES, let's invite these puppies into our home and our hearts.  We have so much more room here among other things, we have a new start in so many ways to give and get in return, wonderful relationships and experiences with these special animals.  So much to give and so much to get.  We let two puppies come home with us because we plan to raise, train and love them as a family.  We have plans and intentions and goals and dreams to help and to better lives.  ALSO - For those who don't know, Noah travels alot for work, these companions will give me the security that I need to know that the children and I are sleeping peacefully and safe at night.  I admire this breed (German Shepherd Dog) so much.  They are so beautiful and strong and amazing.  This is among many other reasons we choose to take these animals into our lives.  Yes, heartache and trial is bound to happen ----but life does need to happen and this is life.  I want to just live.  I want to say yes to the crazy.  I want to take a chance. So, crazy this may be - but that is o.k.   Welcome to our family Rose and Scout!  Speaking of crazy...Yes, I just brought two puppies home to a family of 3 young children, Yes, I am homeschooling and Yes, we do the Paleo diet (lifestyle) for the most part.  That is us.  That is who we are.  Off the beaten path.....the road less traveled.....and that's o.k. and in fact, it is more than o.k.   Goodnight friends and family.....i LOVE YOU and I can't wait for you to meet our pups!

Nature with us

 Early Evening Deer (did I mention that Noah got a bow and arrow and wants to shoot these beautiful creatures and I, just want to shoot them with my camera.....different strokes for different folks I suppose).
 Beautiful Blue Jay.  This is the "bully" of the feathered out and move out of the way when this giant, bright bird makes it's arrival.
 Night Sky - wow, that amazing moon behind the clouds .  love it.
 Blue Eyed Boy child caught a grasshopper today.  :)
Boy child picked a flower for his mother, his little sister thieved it.