Friday, September 07, 2012

school fools & double trouble

Science Girl.  Our lesson yesterday.  This girl sure likes to take notes....must take after her mom.
 Science Boy...learning about Dodo birds (extinction) and such.
 We have started our ART wall!  I think we would all love to do art all day long...and quite honestly, haven't got to do it so much I declared today a fun Friday.  Focus being:  Art, Read, Play.  Repeat. :).  My other reason for declaring this day is because we all needed it.  It has been a challenging week as far as I am still trying to figure out routine...and what works and doesn't work...biggest challenge being, keeping Olivia happy and involved as much as possible.  We took a lot of puppy breaks (and probably a lot of potty breaks as well) this week and trust me, sitting out in the grass with the sun and and the breeze and just playing and laughing....that is exactly what we needed.  All in all, I think we all learned a good amount of great stuff this week...and I need to just breathe and know that it is o.k and it is enough.  We have done enough for now :)
 Paleo Brownies - I got this recipe from a friend, these are super healthy (there is even zucchini in them as the main ingredient) and to top that off they taste pretty darn great.  The first time I made this, I screwed it up because I used too dark of a chocolate, just didn't taste right, so this was my attempt #2 and I would say:  total success.  This dish should be fun to clean...
Double Trouble resting together.   These two are of course quite a handful....yet, a pretty wonderful handful at that. I did write the message on our kitchen chalkboard today to say: 2 puppies 4 sale!  But, nobody liked that.  So, I guess we will keep them for another day.  The great thing is the kids are really learning to keep their toys off of the floor!

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