Thursday, September 06, 2012

went for 1 came home with 2

 Rose - This is our gentle beauty
 Scout - This is our playful pal
 Rose & Scout
 Scout & Ben
Family (circus - haha)

Since the move, I have had it in my head and in my heart that we would be welcoming a puppy into our mix soon.  Well feeling settled and like something is missing....finally the day had arrived.  We went to our favorite breeder to get a GSD puppy.  We went for one, we came back with two.  I know!!!!! Call me crazy!!! Call me insane.  I know.  It's o.k.  I accept.  I felt crazy, saying....Yes.  Yes, we can take two home.  Especially, knowing how I had such a hard recent past with our last dog, Lance.   But, I also know this.  I know that Lance was sick for a long time and he had a hard life and in turn we had a hard life because of it.  I also know that not every situation is the same.  I also know that we learned alot from past experiences.  Alot.  Things that we plan to do differently in the future.  I know a puppy is much work.  I know that two puppies is much more.  I don't care.  I welcome this circus.  This chaos.  This mess and this noise.  Right now, today - I say YES.  YES, let's invite these puppies into our home and our hearts.  We have so much more room here among other things, we have a new start in so many ways to give and get in return, wonderful relationships and experiences with these special animals.  So much to give and so much to get.  We let two puppies come home with us because we plan to raise, train and love them as a family.  We have plans and intentions and goals and dreams to help and to better lives.  ALSO - For those who don't know, Noah travels alot for work, these companions will give me the security that I need to know that the children and I are sleeping peacefully and safe at night.  I admire this breed (German Shepherd Dog) so much.  They are so beautiful and strong and amazing.  This is among many other reasons we choose to take these animals into our lives.  Yes, heartache and trial is bound to happen ----but life does need to happen and this is life.  I want to just live.  I want to say yes to the crazy.  I want to take a chance. So, crazy this may be - but that is o.k.   Welcome to our family Rose and Scout!  Speaking of crazy...Yes, I just brought two puppies home to a family of 3 young children, Yes, I am homeschooling and Yes, we do the Paleo diet (lifestyle) for the most part.  That is us.  That is who we are.  Off the beaten path.....the road less traveled.....and that's o.k. and in fact, it is more than o.k.   Goodnight friends and family.....i LOVE YOU and I can't wait for you to meet our pups!

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