Saturday, June 09, 2012

Something's Fishy

 Last weekend we decided to pack up the fam and stop at farm and fleet.  Bought fishing licenses (I don't know why I got a license, I held the pole for 37 seconds before I realized I would have to attend to Olivia and keep her from Jumping off of the dock the whole time)...and some gear and head on down the road to a fishin' hole we know of.  It was a glorious day with beauty all abound. 
 The Fishing Pros
 I made them all wear hats for my viewing delight. 
 Noah bought this straw hat at farm and fleet.  He is excited to get it for fishing, gardening...etc... I was excited when it fell in the lake and started to float away....but he retrieved it before it was too late. 
Several hours & 2 Fish later and our outing was complete.  (hungry tired children and exhausted mom).  The fish were caught by the straw hat man, the kids got several bites, seaweed and even caught a few logs.  I wormed one pole.  2 people peed in the woods, 3 did not.  Olivia took charge of the snacks...and nobody wanted anything after that...especially with string cheese bits and raisins floating in the water bottles.  Olivia screamed with excitement every time she saw a bird near by.  Joy.  Pure Joy.   No, seriously, it was nice to get away for a little bit and breathe in this beautiful creation.  It was also nice to be homeward bound.

So, I proved to myself that I could really get our house clean.  I worked like a maniac (with kids and dog undoing as I went along) for our first showing and I must say it was so lovely to have the house so clean....even if it was only for an hour.   Tomorrow we have a possible renter (someone Noah knows) coming to look at the house.  We are open to whatever scenario presents itself well.  I must get in the super cleaning mode again...maybe later.    I have not packed one box since last week.  I was on this total burnout.  I got some more packing tape and plenty of boxes so I will attempt to do at least a couple today.  Considering that we have approx. 20 days until we are to get the keys to our new front door!!!! (approx. 20 days til I get a dishwasher).   This summer is shaping up to be extremely busy thus far.  This past week I had jury duty (got released 2 hours into it as I was not one of the chosen few (AWESOME) and I also had a visit to the eye Dr ($640.00 later), I will be picking up my contacts and new glasses next week - whoah!!!!).  It's supposed to be a warm/hot one today.  I started reading Treasure Island to the kids at night.  I never knew that is where Long John Silver came from....and he was a "bad" guy. hehe.   I miss painting.  All my art stuff is packed.  I've been sketching a few ideas here and there.  I signed up for a spin (cycling exercise class) / bible study for the summer.  Excited to be with some wonderful women.  I miss seeing my friends!  Since school has let out and all the house/moving prep..etc...I haven't seen anyone in days, weeks...months! hehe.   Kids have been catching lightening bugs...and I have too.  It's been so fun!  Just takes me back to catching them in my back yard as a youngin with my jar....anywho I took some pics but I think they are still on my camera.  Snap peas are up in the garden.  I have been having the kids help pick them and I think they are actually enjoying it.  They eat them quicker then we pick them! I better get something done while I have my coffee high.  Wishing you a beautiful Saturday whatever your plans may be! 

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