Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cardboard, sprouts, and blooms all about.

 3 little stooges all in a row.
 Luv Livy's little baby swimsuit butt.
 Slip N Slide
 Noah's Garden
 Walked in the living room the other day to find Olivia had stolen my Gnome pillow...and diapered it.
Son, can you play me a memory?  I'm not really sure how it goes......  As I a packing fool, I am coming across so many memories.  Included in this box, I placed, Holy Clothes, Baby items, special jewelry...Isabelle's first ballet slippers...  and I think, wow...God has been good to me.  In this box, are some of my most precious gifts...some of the most special moment's of life are represented here.  Tears fill my eyes as I realize how blessed that I am as I look into this box....and then close it bring it to our new home.  A home that we have waited for, searched for...and found.  In a months time, we can start making new memories there...a new chapter in our book.  I also look at where we are now and have been for the last 3 years.  Although, there are things that I do not like, this home has been good.  It is small, but it is safe.  We have had many wonderful moments within these walls.  We have been blessed to have some amazing neighbors, people that we were meant to meet and know and love for many reasons.  I am sure as I close the front door for the last time to this house, that I will take many cherished "things" with me.   But for now......have you ever tried to get a house ready for showings with 3 young children and a very shedding German shepherd dog?  It is next to impossible!  I am a cleaning, purging , packing maniac.....trying the best that I can.  We have our first showing scheduled for this Friday, so I am trying my best to do what I can in this chaos.   In other news, kids are officially out of school for the summer.  I had boxes of fun waiting for them when they got home with some special little gifts.  We celebrated with root beer floats.  The kids are now in full summer mode.  Sunshine and water all about.  Flowers blooming everywhere.....The garden is growing like crazy.  We have already enjoyed lettuce and spinach, radishes and herbs....I think snap peas are about ready as well.  My coffee is gone, the children are rising.  Wishing you a beautiful day.  ((I will try to update more, I already have tons of pics and little stories to tell that I am behind on...I need to catch up!)).

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