Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goodbye, Sir Lancelot

This is one of those days, that is so hard in this life.  So heartbreaking, so unheard of, so not prepared for....yet, so real.  It was time.  We knew it in our heads, although our hearts were harder to accept it.  Today, we put our Lance to Sleep.  He has been sick for a while, and it has been getting worse and worse.  It has been so hard to see him in pain...struggling.  Today, we said goodbye to our dog,  our pet, our protector, our friend...of 9 years.  I keep looking out the window to check on him, but he is not there.  I keep waiting for his bark, but it is silent.   too quiet (even with Olivia around).    He is no longer with us and that is hard.  yes, I know, I admit, I have wanted to hit him over the head with a frying pan a time or two....but of course I never would.  He was just instincitively, being who he is is....a dog.   An animal, wild...and fierce...protecting and loyal.  Today, I looked into his eyes, and I said goodbye friend.  Goodbye, baby.  I know.  I know it hurts, but it will be over soon.   I believe with all my heart he is heaven now,... and now he is he runs around....with four legs (not three).  Now, he is free.  free.  healthy and happy.  free.  I am sorry for the hard times and for the pain.  Yes, I do believe that Lance is in Dog Heaven right now...with all my heart I believe it.  He was good.  He will be missed.  Isabelle is doing o.k., but Ben (and Noah) are so broken hearted.  Ben has been crying all day/night.  This has been a very long and hard day.  I have read Rainbow Bridge and Dog Heaven to the Kids.  Ben drew a picture of lance and wrote him a note.  I tucked the kids in bed and told them to talk to him in their prayers.  Tell him how much you love him and how much you will miss him and that you are so happy that he is no longer in pain.  God Bless you, Lancelot.  Thank you, for all these years of protection and loyality.  I pray that you are happy and that you hurt no more.  I pray that you know that with all your heart, that we loved you and we will never forget you.... You are ours.  Our family.  Goodbye, my friend.  Sleep well.  Sweet Dreams my Love.

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