Thursday, July 19, 2012

welcoMe hoMe

 What a whirlwind of adventure this move has been so far.  We have been here a couple weeks now, but it has been non stop.  Summer is running away.  We are in between 2 houses working and also lots of company :), errands, tasks.  I thought for now that I would share just a few snapshots. Besides the air not working properly (needs to be replaced) on these hot hot hundred plus days....this whole experience has been pretty amazingly wonderful.  There is so much room/space here and we are wrapped in nature.  We have been so warmly greeted by the neighborhood and feel very welcome and so at home already.  We are where we belong and are meant to be, I know this.
 backyard glimpse.
 Honey Badger riding her rocking horse.
 Noah and the kids finding clams in the creek.
 The sunroom porch where I watch all the birds...deer...etc.
 Ben playing basketball around the house!  Yay we have a basketball net now!
Isabelle is just enjoying everything.  (and would you believe that she met a friend right away that lives two doors down and is her age? )   Like I said this feels like a dream, I can't wait to start putting things away (have basically just unpacked the basics so far between, cleaning and company and working at the other house).   So, we plan to focus on emptying the other house (still full attic and basement) and then I will focus more on here.  Good news is we sold our house and are due to close next month.  I will write again soon now that my computer is set up properly.  I want to share some wonderful pictures that my friend took of the children.  I can't believe school supplies are all over the store shelves already.  I pray the weather gets more tolerable and beneficial to the environment.  I better start writing my list for today...and I think the animals inside of the house are hungry....

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