Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Raising them, I am Raised up

We have had some wonderful "spring like" days this February.  Of course, when I let lance out at 4am this morning at a frosty zero degrees, I tried to recall the warmer moments of just a few days ago.  Between Ben, Olivia and Lance, my night was interrupted much and I decided just to stay up in the early hours and enjoy the quiet time.  I am sure I will regret it later today when I can barely make it to dinner time, but somehow I will make it, I always do.  So much on my mind lately and so many changes ahead for my family.  We have wonderful plans in the works and we shall go wherever God leads us.  Lately I have been feeling a little kicked in the shins (bit in the butt) - ((literally, Olivia bit me the other day) and just exhausted of games and attitudes of the world.  I don't have the energy or the time to not focus on the Good.  As I am trying to especially teach Isabelle, to think and focus on the good, I must do so as well.  I must be an example, so she knows that her thoughts should linger on the sunny side of things as much as possible.  I have been letting certain situations get me down, but what I really need to do is make the best of these falls/ fails/ disappointments.  Let them be lessons and move on.   I think the dreary weather has a lot to do with my "funk" mood as I think it has a lot to do with many people's ways these days.  I just know that at the end of the day, I am in my warm house with my wonderful family and we support and love  and enjoy each other and nothing much else matters.  For those that steal, let them steal and those who can't show kindness or those who create difficult situations, it is their loss, their challenge, their sadness, it doesn't need to be mine.  I choose different.  -- so anyway enough gloom and doom....let's talk about chalk!  I made the most fantastic chalkboard and I am so excited.  The frame is old wood and I hung it in the kitchen and everyday I write a different saying or quote on it and the family gets so excited to see what's on there next.  so fun.  This is one of my long awaited dreams come true.. to make a chalkboard.  My next dream is a Terrarium.  But, I need to find activated charcoal somewhere around these parts.  I haven't seen a deer in a long while.  But, yesterday as Olivia was trying to cover my face with a pillow, I gazed out the window yonder into the woods and amongst the brown and the dreary of the outer world in the midst of winter decay, I witnessed a beautiful display of bright red cardinals all spread out on one tree's branches.  It was an amazing site to see.  I have really been thinking about scrapbooking alot lately.  It bothers me that I have not done it in so long.  I have not documented our memories (well here and on facebook are filled with tidbits) but what I am talking about, is the kind of stuff that the kids can take off the shelf and browse through with laughter and smiles and remembrance.  Ben has been looking at albums , books, etc. lately and it makes me wish I was more up to date .  Honestly since Olivia has been born, I have taken a lot of photos but have not done much with them.  I am looking into an easy system/way to get that going again.  I guess, even if I throw the pics in albums so they are accessible, is the main thing.  I love mini albums and special projects... I will have to see what I can manage.  I think we currently only have 3 eggs in the fridge.  Thing one is now awake (that is Isabelle). I should make some coffee and start my day.  Happy Saturday.

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