Saturday, February 25, 2012

flowers and showers and snow

 Winter's whisper has found us again.  What a beautiful site to wake up to on Friday.  To top that off, No no rushing around , layering up and shipping out. 
 Here is a self portrait of my recent hair cut.  I love it.  It can be messy and crazy and wild or it can be neat and nice.  For the most part if you see me about it will mostly likely be on the messy wild side..just naturally of course. 
 This last weekend we spent in the Chicago area visiting family and celebrating.   In the Spring, our family will be expecting two new babies!  Two of my sister in laws are due with boys.  This last weekend we had a shower for one of them. 
 Olivia's favorite part of the shower was:  balloon chasing.
 Isabelle's favorite part of the shower was:  Chocolate Fondue
Ben's favorite part of the shower was:  The cupcakes (of course!).
Also on this weekend we visited with my parents.  The time always goes way too fast.   My brother took Ben to Riley's Trick Shop.  (we used to go there as kids).  It was neat that it was still open and fun to see the things that they brought home.  Some how Ben managed to get a green lantern costume out of the visit.   This morning I woke up to a cold or something in my eye.  I could not open it at all and now It is red.  I am wearing my glasses until further notice and I am half blind because of it.  This week girl scout cookies have entered our life and have somehow quickly disappeared.  This week we had the wonderful opportunity to watch Ben read a prayer intention at church in front of his school/parents.  He did awesome.  I was especially smiling when he hopped of the podium in traditional and expected little boy fashion.  For lent I have decided to give up:  Wine (with maybe one exception on my birthday).  Isabelle has decided to:  work harder on homework.  Ben has:  forgotten what he decided.  I have done no art in a long time.  Maybe this week, time will allow.  My chalkboard currently says:  " o' wind, If winter comes, can spring be far behind? "  I am so thankful to see the sun  these last couple days.   It does in fact give me hope that spring will come.  Something that I have neglected for a long while has been my gratitude journal.  I got it out and restarted it yesterday.  (this is an ongoing list of simple moments/gifts that I record).  So, hopefully I will be sharing some of those along the way again soon.  Sometimes I wish that I had an endless supply of Pistachios.  Well, I have to go because these people keep begging me for food.  It's like they want to eat every single day.  ugh.  I would like to leave with a prayer request.  My little niece Ava (2 years old) is very sick and in the hospital.  Please pray that answers and healing will come for her quickly.  Poor little baby, breaks my heart.

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