Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Draw, Paint, Fancy Garbage Cans

 The kids and I had great fun making projects this weekend.  I took the newspaper roll out of the closet and we created a bunch of fun drawings.  Also, whipped out some boxes and made houses for our collection of Smurfs. 
 This is a painting.
 This is another painting.
 And here is yet another painting.  (I am quite in the painting mood at the moment.  Many ideas are bouncing around in my noggin).  I am so excited about wonderful opportunties arising.
So, this is my current project.  In fact it is what I am working on right at this moment, except I took a break and thought hey, baby is sleeping , I dont feel like doing laudnry or dishes , I think I will update the blog.  This weekend is an Art int he Park Event.  It is a combo deal with the park district and the art museum.  I am working on the community project (focused for the kids) in which I am painting the outlines of drawings (of aspects of the park) on these here garbage cans (but we are referring to them as barrels so they sound more elegant and fancy), and anyone who comes through the event can pick up a paint brush and fill in/add to the project.  What I have done so far has been fun, but I do find it a bit challenging to create masterpieces on this particuliar type of item.  The paint fumes are making me a bit mental and the roundness and bumps are a bit of a task, but I am excited for this project to come to fruitation.  I won't be able to be at the actual event, but I can't wait to see how it will all turn out).    So anyway, just wanted to say hello since I haven't much lately. good day.  p.s.  almost feels like fall out there today.  It is wonderful.  ps.ps.  Picked green beans from the garden and got attacked by evil mosquitos.  Remind me not to do that again. 

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