Tuesday, August 09, 2011

cake and paint

For the kids birthdays, I was so excited to order some very special cakes from my friend Nikki who has started her own bakery business:  Cravings.  I just adore the designs that she comes up with, they are amazing so I knew we would love what she would do with a request of:  fairies for Isabelle and a dolphin with a cowboy hat for Ben.  The kids (well, everyone) just awwed over the cakes when they saw them.  Isabelle kept asking me questions like:  How did she do that and can I make cakes when I grow up?  The thing about these beautiful, creative cakes is...they not only look like magic....they taste awesome!!!!!  Isabelle wanted confetti cake and Ben wanted chocolate...and let's just say, there is no cake left.
 This is a family portrait that I painted for my friend Nikki.  Her and I share an appreciation for Gnomes. :)
The Guitar was Isabelle's main Birthday Gift request.  She told me if she got a guitar all her dreams would come true.   Well, she had a purple one in mind..one she saw at the store.  Of course, though when I went to get it, it was only a display and not available for purchase.  So, disappointed that I could not get exactly what she was dreaming of, I decided to buy the "boring" brown guitar...and I told the employee who was helping me that maybe my daughter could slap some stickers on it.  Thank goodness that guy suggested to me that it would be nice If I could find someone who paints... ((Isabelle just loved what I painted on her guitar with all her heart, so in the end, now I know - it was perfect that the purple one wasn't available)).

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