Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wishing Flowers

 What a cute little troublemaker.
 This stool I painted in distressed style.
 The hatching of the Butterflies.  So, we thought the one caterpillar did not survive, but it did!  5 butterflies joined us this weekend.  It was awesome.  We have been enjoying watching them.  A few more days and we will let them go into the wild blue yonder.
 This is what this kid does to me all day every day.  She climbs and destroys.  She is always up to something distructive, distmanteling...along those lines.  I tell her NO NO and she points her finger and yells at me and continues on with her agenda.
Not only do I get yellow dandelions, lilacs, strawberry plants, worms and whatever else Ben finds around the yard....Ben likes to bring me an occasional Wishing Flower.  He tells me it's so I can wish for something good.  Here is my current wish:  I wish I could sleep.  It is almost 4 a.m. and i have been up since about 2.  My mind is racing with a million and 4 things.  I cant settle down.  My eyes are burning the last couple days...Ive had to take my contacts out, I have no clue what is goign on//causing this.  They are red and irriated right now.  I am praying in the morning they will be better.  It's been a rainy weekend and thats been so fine with me cuz I am trying to get chores done.  I swear I cannot keep up with the daily things and it leaves little time for much else.  ugh.  Nothing like the smell of wet dog in the house.  fun stuff.   I overheard Isabelle and Ben playing earlier and Ben directs --> "Isabelle, pretend I am an Eagle in my nest and you need to try and kill me."  Speaking of Eagles, the other day when a bird I wasn't sure to identify came to the feeder, I said outloud, I wonder what that is and Ben asnwered very matter of factly, "oh, that is probably an Eagle Bluebird".    I love that when Ben is asked his favorite color he usually answers "Every color in the world".   Sometimes I wish I never discovered Planters Trail Mix - Alaskin Wilderness Blend.  These weeks coming up are to determined to be very busy.  I need to make lists and prioritize.  Theres so much to get done with the ending of things and beginning of others.  I guess that is all for now, I shall reattempt sleep.  Happy Sunday.

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