Wednesday, May 04, 2011

PeacE at the ParK

Who knows where the paths we walk upon will take us? Which ways they will turn? Where the wind blows? What we will meet along the way, if we will get lost? if we will run or get rained on? Unexpected delightful surprises await. Tripping, skipping, resting...discovering.....The hill is hard...but, oh when you have reached the top, isn't that amazing? breathless and amazing! These paths are somewhat predictable...but more so, they are unknown. A little scary for sure. But, the only way to experience the path, is to make a step and then the next step and trust that it will get you somewhere worth going.

Baby girl enjoyed our morning walk at the park despite she has a cold or something in her eyes. The cool fresh air did wonders for the both of us.

If anyone ever doubts God's presence (or presents), they should go visit nature in the early morning. The beautiful creations all around you, whisper in your ear: You are Loved. I made this for: You.

This morning, It was Olivia and I alone, so I brought my ipod with on the journey. I didn't even have the slightest desire to turn it on. The thoughts and emotions and peace that came to my mind and heart, were more than enough. In the silence, I found some answers. In the quiet of the earth, I felt the peace that I have seeked and needed for these last several days.

Time runs wild. But, once in a while, we do need to attempt to catch it for a few moments at least. Long enough to put a smile upon our face, peace in our heart and a hug to our soul. Note: I know this post may seem deep and mushy, but it had to be done. good day!

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