Monday, May 23, 2011


 I give Ben his own dresser.  It only has 3 drawers.  He dedicates one drawer to socks, one to underwear and one to costumes.  I should have known.
 We really enjoyed the butterflies.  We let them go shortly after birth so they could live the life that they were intended. 
 Recntly the kids made these warm fuzzy's.  All of Bens had extra eyes on them.  Isabelle was so excited to give hers to some special friends.
 I think that Olivia confuses Little People with her bink.
Yesterday Ben caught a toad and he announced that he wasn't even gonna kill it!  But heres the thing, he wont let it go either....I tried to get him to do so last night and he cried.  He said he wants to keep him for a pet.  So anway, we have some challenging talking to do.  :)

Sorry to family and friends that I haven't been around much via phone/ computer.  I am having a very hard time find any peace or  quiet or calm these days.  I have seriously just been feeling overwhelmed by the chaos around me.  Little sleep & The kids are on full energy mode....there are so many messes, and tasks, and projects and events... with the end of the school year coming on....everything is coming to a wrap like a whirlwind.  A storm before the calm.  So, I hope to get my act together in the upcoming weeks so I can prepare for a low stress yet fun summer.  The most amazing news is that I have started a mural at my friend's house for her daughter's room....and I can't even explain how fun and exciting this project has been for me so far.  Today, I start the actual painting (she already let me draw on her walls, brave soul!).   The first thing has popped up from the garden:  Radishes and the baby is up (again) and I haven't even made any coffee yet.  Good day everyone.

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