Wednesday, May 04, 2011

4 out of 5 aint bad

 This is a painting that I made for our bathroom.  This is the same floor we have and we have these black and white polka dot towels.  So it was fun to recreate those aspects on canvas.  I wanted something fun for the kids, so I thought this concept would work.  The adults seem to like it too. :)
 Ben picked a recipe that he wanted to make out of his Disney Kids Cookbook.  So, I got the ingredients and we had fun putting these together.  I forgot what they are called:  Something Chicken Cups. Actually, they were not bad.  We might do them again.
 I recently caught Isabelle doing her homework in her room, with something special upon her noggin.
 I didn't even have this hummingbird feeder up for a day, and surprise!  A visitor!
Here is Ben helping me fill the birdfeeders. 

Just a few notes as the day comes to a close.  Today was mostly decent, but also got hard at points.  I am exhausted. 4 out of the 5 caterpillars have now cocooned themselves.  I think 1 is dead.  I've been seeing tons of different birds at my feeders I started taking more pics (they will be on my bird blog).   I am praying Olivia's eye cold/infection goes away overnight so I can attend bible study tomorrow.  I am taking the kids to the denist tomorrow.  The kids are loving a new egg dish that I have been making them for breakfast lately.  It's special and easy.  Like an egg souffle I would say.  I am sick of freezing.  I can't believe how cold it has been, but at least the sun was shining today and it did get a little nicer.  It's garbage night.  I watched Tangle with the kids last night...I must say, what a cute little movie.   O.k., we have to hit the hay.  Goodnight ya all.

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