Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sew, Bake, Birds

Winter is for the birds. I have finally put new seed in my feeders recently and the birds are coming back. Often in the early mornings or afternoons when they come, the kids and I have a little bird lesson. We look at the books we have and try to identify the different birds. They are so excited to spot birds and are starting to learn some of the names & traits, etc. Very exciting! (I know I am a dork, but I cannot help it). Ben swears he sees an Eagle every time.
Baked Goods: sorry my banana bread photo is not rotated, but I have decided to leave it this way due to the fact that I am tired and have other things on my agenda.

Sewn Goods: I am sure I mentioned before that I am probably the worst sewer in the world. But for some reason, I really enjoy it. My creations defitnely look handmade! haha. There is no talent seeping in my veins regarding this craft....yet I like to make this kind of stuff. Here are a few things I made this weekend. A tiger finger puppet for Ben , A Penquin finger puppet for Isabelle and a little toy bunny, just because it was in the pattern book I had from the library and I wanted to try it. Now, I am teaching Isabelle how to sew a little bit. She sewed a pillow for Ben this weekend (a little rectangle that we stuffed) all by herself. She was excited to give it and he was excited to get it. very cute.

Breakfast this morning: strawberry yogurt and granola. Yum. The sun is shining. The snow is melting. I hope for today to be productive. Many things on my to do list. Just need to get myself organized and begin. Wishing everyone a happy & healthy day!

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katherinemarie said...

I remember how much you love spring!!! It's almost here!!!!

I'm going to be so sad to see winter go...

Hope you are feeling GREAT!