Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blankie Cow...

The Napping Boy & his Blankie Cow. Whenever Ben is tired, you will find him wrapped in his special blanket. Usually he is rubbing the satin edges with his fingers until he falls asleep. This special blanket was made for Ben by my friend Sally when he was born. He quickly became very attached to it and it has been a major staple in our home ever since. We used to call it his cowboy blanket because there are little lassoing cowboys all over the material, but Ben dubbed it his Blankie Cow and it has been that ever since. This blanket has seen many washes (there were times he wouldn't even let it out of his grasp & sight long enough for a wash, but now he understands it's a good thing) and there has been lots of mending to the edges through the years. I dread the day that blankie cow may be no more, but until then it is such a simple and lovely comfort for both of us.

Whenever there is a full moon, I cannot sleep. It is a given. I toss and turn all night. I don't know if its the brightness that overwhelms night or if there are some super sensor powers dancing through the air. I guess this big tummy of mine isn't helping sleeping situations either. Things are getting more and more difficult as these final weeks pass. I know I have about 7-8 weeks left, but I wonder sometimes how I will get through. I am at the point already in which bending over is very difficult and you know what? My job requires me to bend over alot! , plus Im extra clumsy these days. I am kind of at the thought process of kick it or leave it there. Also, I am feeling really ill these days, I think it is these new IRON pills I am taking. joy. When will these Tulips be popping up from the muddy ground? When will the Robins be bouncing and searching on the new growing grass? Because it is then, that I will believe the time has come.

Last night laying in bed, I listened to a train whistle in the distance. I love that sound. No matter where I have lived in this life, I have always heard an occassional train whistle at night. My brain always starts to wander, on where ther train may be going and who it is taking with or bringing home.

My computer screen is acting up so thats not good. We are going through milk like crazy lately. I almost want to buy a cow and shove him in the shed in the back. A mini cow will do. Isabelle has a late dance rehearsal tonight (for the oz recital), I hope I can stay up late enough! hehe (I went to bed a 7:45 the other night, no kidding, sad but true). Today is parent visit day at Ben's school, that's always fun...except last time he yelled at my in front of all the parents that he did not need my help to :go away: when he was in the potty. Just a tad bit embarrassing. He is supposed to bring a heart item for show and tell and he tells me , no that it's GIRLISH. I have a MOPS meeting this morning and I miss the wonderful women there, but I also have lots of errands to run...and the thought of doing them within the brief time that I do not have the children with me is extremily tempting. Especially since I get so tired by noon. I guess I will see how I feel once I am out the door. Happy Thursday.

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sally said...

never in my wildest dreams, when i made ben's blankie, did i imagine what a comfort it would be for him. it brings huge amounts of joy to me to see him with it, and to know that something i made is so special to him. thank you for sharing that. :) and when, or if, that day comes that it falls apart beyond repair, i shall make him another. hehe.