Friday, March 12, 2010

misc. RounduP 3.12

So, by some miracle, my computer is currently working, but it is very finicky these days...and I know that I need to be careful because it may be out the next time I try and use it (screen problems is my concensus). I will have to take it in for sure because it won't go on like this. But, for the moment, I am thankful. I decided to proceed forward to the best of my ability for now.

So many things going on since we last had a chat. Sorry no pics to accompany this time. Friday could not have come sooner, I am exhausted, but honestly - the weekend is exhausting too. hehe - The house is a ROYAL mess and I have a HUGE headache, but I am determined to plow through and get things done today. The hint of spring weather is such an inspiration to keep on going!

Pregnancy - I must be honest, I don't do this well at all. I am trying my best but I am soooo tired and sore...ugh. I am supposed to be on restricted activity right now...but that is impossible with two young kids. I have been having to go to the dr. for extra monitoring of the fetal heartbeat, breathing etc..two times a week and also now we are checking with ultrasounds once a week for aminoitc fluid levels, this on addition to regular appts. I am not complaining, I am very grateful that I have such amazing Dr. Care. Seriously, I feel I am in the best possible hands & hearts. I just know these upcoming weeks are going to be much more challenging than I had hoped since I feel this awful already. I keep telling myself this is temporary and this is a miracle that I get to assist in! That only goes so far though when everything aches and I am ready for bed at 7pm! hehe. Ok, enough of my whining for the moment.

News - change on the dance recital front. Due to some issues with the shows music not coming together, etc...the dance studio that Isabelle belongs to, has decided to no longer conduct, The Wizard of Oz as their upcoming recital. They have now changed the performance to Alice In WOnderlAnd and it will be a few weeks later...June 5th I believe. We are waiting to hear Isabelle's new part(s), in this new show. She took the news alot better than I expected...I think as long as she still gets to be in a show, she will be happy! I have a little boy dressed as a dragon sitting next to me, he's hungry....I think I better feed him before he roars at me again...

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