Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Sprung Backwards

Is there anything more exciting and promising than a surprise package in the mail? This week the kids received a special box of fun gifts from my mom. One of the items was a very special something for Isabelle. This adorable spring dress with a matching dress for her American girl Doll: Rosie. She already has planned out, all the events they will be wearing the dresses to in the upcoming season.

The sneaky Leprechaun made his annual visit to our home on St. Pats Day. Green milk, gold chocolate, tipped chairs...

On Thursday, we got to visit Isabelle's school for her Research Fair. Her project was: HORSES. Also this week Ben and I visited Isabelle for lunch at school. Now I know why the kid comes home from school so hungry! She socializes for approx. 98 % of her lunch time! I think I got her to take maybe 2 bites of her sandwich.

Which leads us to: today. march 20th and wake up to this! SNOW!!! everywhere. freezing and blowing...cold ...wet snow. It feels like just yesterday (oh wait it was just yesterday)..that the grass was green, buds on the trees, the kids were rolling in the dirt, the birds and squirrels were all about, sweaters were even taken off to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Ben was excited to see the snow this morning, because he can go Sledding again! ugh. MELT. please Melt dear snow. Your time has past. Go away. I am so done with you. goodbye.
Several dr. visits last week and several more scheduled for this upcoming week. At least this means the time is close. I can't believe in just a few short weeks, our new baby will be in our arms. I am revisiting the whole name option thing lately. I have a few special thoughts...but I am really just wanting something to strike me as: this is it. ALthough Ben keeps insisting on HULK or Misses HULK, I am leaning toward something more traditional. I should probably pack a hospital bag soon. I hate dishes. Laundry , I will do any day, any time...but Dishes...really just need to be thrown out. I'm sick of walking around like a Penquin. Seriously, it is so not me. I haven't been able to work on any fun projects at all in a while. Maybe this upcoming week I can sneak in some craft time. Today is special as we await my parents to arrive for a special visit. We are celebrating: my dad's upcoming birthday, my upcoming birthday and spring/Easter...all wrapped up into one since I don't think I will be making any traveling plans coming up any time soon. I think the mail is here since the dog is going nuts. Anyone want a dog? I am quite serious...take him. Come get him. Now. I will even put a bow on him for you and throw in a half of bag of dog food and some chocolate milk. O.k., I am off. My IPOD is now fully I can go...tackle some cleaning tasks in pure bliss. Wishing you a super duper Saturday!

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katherinemarie said...

ohhh those little matching dressess... so sweet for Easter! Do we ever get to see a photo of you and baby on this blog of yours? hope you are feeling GREAT! Enjoy SPRING--YOUR PARENTS and your BDAY!!!!!!! Looking forward to your next big news.