Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Grass is always Greener

Grass that Ben brought home from school. He waters and pets it every day.

Cookies have arrived! For those who have not gotten their cookies from us yet, they are on their way! We hope to have all orders completed this week.

This season would not offically be kicked into gear if we did not start out with Shamrock Shakes! The kids are unhappy with the cherry additon but are in complete support of the whip cream.

A few days ago, I offically saw the first Robin of the season! Only one and only for a little while. It was a skinny little fellow...but there it was just bobbing away in the grass. Speaking of is turning green! Yes it is! I remember the time that Isabelle woke up on St. Patricks day and fully believed that the Leprechaun had turned the grass green overnight. So, spring is springing and it could not be more exciting and renewing to the soul. Today, I will put away the winter decor and get out the spring and Easter stuff. Today we are going to visit the storage unit, to see what we have left in there especially on the search to see what we have remainder of any baby stuff/gear. I don't suspect we kept much, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised..maybe. I hope to also maybe see the new Alice In Wonderland movie today. I can't wait to see it and I am hoping when I do, that I won't have to take 15 bathroom breaks.

Other thoughts of the moment: I don't understand why some people still have their Christmas Decor up? I just don't get it. I know lights are harder to take down and such, but honestly people, you don't have to plug them in! Also those plastic figurines and such would probably be pretty easy to undisplay from your yard, in fact , I wouldn't mind helping you with that if you feel that task too daunting. I am currently reading a book I got from the library that I find somewhat depressing, but it's helping me with my non sleeping yet too sleepy to do anything else states of being...It's called: Those who save us. A fiction story. It's about German/Nazi survival. The upcoming week promises to be busy for sure. I have a feeling it will defintely be gReEn.

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