Sunday, March 28, 2010

Freeze & Squeeze

Bubble Boy - When Isabelle is at dance class, Ben and I usually try to run an errand or two during the waiting time. The weather was so beautiful during her last class, that we decided to stay, relax & just blow bubbles.

While waiting, we also spotted a bunny. Ben suspected it was the Easter Bunny but he was not certain. Also this day was my birthday. It was a quiet birthday, but like I said, we were gifted with beautiful weather which made it perfect. Every year I am reminded of how much that I am loved by my family & friends. Special little celebrations went on all week. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes, visits, cards & gifts. Truly, I know how blessed that I am.

Gift Wrapping 101- Free & Fun: This weekend my sister in law Elaine was out and she had a gift for my father in law that she needed wrapped. I offered to wrap it for her. I soon realized, I wasn't exactly sure where my manly wrapping stuff I decided to whip out some standard household items and I cam up with this wonderous creation. Tin foil, plastic wrap, brown paper bag, string, newspaper & the finishing touch: duct tape. You don't see a gift like this everyday. Also it makes opening a tad bit more adventureous than the norm. In fact , by the time you get to the actual gift, you are happy no matter what it happens to be inside.

So, this morning I finally noticed some Daffodils popped up on the side of the house! I was excited to see them...our first flowers of spring. A little while later, Ben comes in the house: "Mom, I got a present for you......" I turn around and he yells: "FLOWERS!" With the biggest grin on his proud face, he held out to me, the only growing flowers on our property in his anxious little hands. I couldn't help but to break out into laughter. Such a sweet little boy, I seriously just want to freeze him & squeeze him forever.

Spring Break - The kids are offically on Spring Break. Isabelle kicked it off with a sleepover at a friends with a bunch of girls in her class. Ben and I spent it with a pizza get together with friends and Noah really got a chance to start working on his garden. Tonight the kids are spending the night at my inlaws. This little break couldn't have come at a better time for me...I am really feeling kind of ill and exhausted and I seriously just want to rest.

Other news: Happy Birthday to my Dad who also celebrated his birthday this week! We are currently getting an estimate for the new siding on our house, so that project will probably be taking way soon which of course is exciting. There is a busy week planned more updates soon. Happy Trails to you, until we meet again....

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stephanie said...

By "busy week" do you mean that this is the week that Baby Taco Smielewski arrives????