Tuesday, June 30, 2009



I can't tell you how long it has been since I have done any drawing/sketching/painting. Our recent classes/visits to the Art Muesum has really inspired me to rekindle this portion of my creative being. (like I need another hobby). I cannot wait to get my upstairs Arts & Crafts room set up for us. I am so excited to put it together. I have just started and have a long way to go,but I hope to make it a bright and inspiring space....in which all our creative tools are at our fingertips!
Ben fell off of a swingset yesterday and really hurt his nose. Lots of blood and tears, but I am truly proud of my calmness. We cleaned him up and watched him carefully for the rest of the evening. He has some red and bruising, but he is pretty much back to himself. I know this is just one step in preparing for being a mother of a boy. I know there is bound to be many stunts/injuries ahead. I just pray that his guardian angels are always with him. :)
This morning: overheard conversation:
BEN: "E-ah-belle, do you like spiderman? Me like spiderman. He a geek! He a geek! He a geek!" ISABELLE: "I like spiderman alot" BEN: "me too". (this is funny because I have been reading them a spiderman book and there is one point where it tells that peter parker was a geek and then Isabelle always asks what's a geek? So I guess that has really stuck with Ben).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A horse is a pony of course of course

Ben always wants me to take his picture. picture me! , picture me!
I caught a glimpse of the Gnome that protects my pansey watering can.

I like this one of the children. They are either getting along super swimingly or fighting like cats and giraffes.

Here is Isabelle enjoying a peanut butter (only) sandwich. She is so proud of herself to make her own sandwich. She puts about 1/2 jar of peanutbutter on it. She is amazed that peter pan is on the jar! must be magical peanutbutter. I love how her tummy sticks out in this bathing suit. hehe

This is what my children do with their dinner. Hamburger Buns on the ears & singing. (please ignore the unfinished window behind the youngins).

Enjoy this video of the kids on a pony ride at the park. Ben wanted to be a cowboy but as soon as this video ends...he wants to get off the pony. I had to come take him off....he said : "horse scary". I think he liked it until it started moving. Oh well, there's always next time. Too bad I didn't get my $3 bucks back! hehe
Well I have a bunch of scrambled eggs to clean up..... Happy Sunday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ART is in the AIR

Yes, I took Isabelle to the Art Museum today because they had their AIR conditioning on. No Seriously, though - Isabelle absolutley enjoyed this art for kids class today. It is a series based on animals and today the kids got to listen to a story about Octopus and then they got make some projects in relation. I so enjoyed helping the kids with their projects and also being an art room again. I just love the atmosphere. Being surrounded by paints and papers....colors...and textures. It was beyond wonderful....and we are going back tomorrow. Can't wait to see what is planned for Isabelle (us)!

Watercolor Ocean with salt technique.

This is an Octopus Isabelle made and Named after her Art Teacher...ASHLEY.
Isabelle and her Friend Sam are working on all the tenticles for their Octopus Buddies. Sam named his: Vinny.

My friend Sarah took the younger siblings (Ben & Hannah) during the class, then we met up for a picnic lunch & some park time. Although HOT, it was FUN!

Ben is finally getting used to the SWINGS.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Season of Summer

Then followed the beautiful season...Summer...
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Yes, the season of summer is upon us as we sip our lemonade and delight in the cool splash of water. As we catch lightening bugs and smell the hamburgers on the grill. We let popsicles drip and we stay up a little too late. We embrace the lazy and sweet of our days. Summer is not my favorite season...but I do find many joys that come at no other time. So I will sit and patiently watch my garden grow...but more importantly, I will watch my children grow. I love you Isabelle & Benjamin. Happy Summer to you. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

the little engine that could

On FATHERS DAY - we took a ride on an old railroad steam engine. The kids absoultey enjoyed the experience. We also visited the railroad museum. Dinner: Chinese.
Our family picnic on saturday turned out so great. We had excellent weather. It is a rare event that all 6 of the siblings in Noah's family can come together at the same place/time. This made the gathering very special. As an extra joy - We were so thrilled when Noah's brother Jeff and his finance, Erin asked Noah to be best man & Isabelle & Ben to be flower girl & ring bearer in their Sept. 2010 wedding! We also so look forward to welcoming another cousin into the mix, as Elizabeth (Noah's sister), is due in December. :)

These are beautiful flowers from my friend: Sue. What a delight.
Happy Father's Day to my Wonderful, Amazing Dad! I am truly blessed.
Also - Happy Birthday to My Dear Chuck Van Stupidhead. I am thinking of you today & so miss you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

clown cup

This is a super great clown cup that I got from a garage sale several weeks back. Speaking of clowns, the circus is coming to town next week. Will we go? Probably not. This week Isabelle has really been enjoying vacaction bible school and we have been spending special time with friends. Also, my sister in law (Elizabeth) and her son (A.J.) and stepson (Josiah) have come to stay with us for a few days. The kids are thrilled beyond the moon! Last night when they got here, they all started blowing bubbles and catching lightening bugs together. I think there is a lot of summer magic ahead for this troop. There is nothing like cousins together! Tonight is the last meeting of fall bible study for me. I am sad to see this session end because I truly enjoyed what I have learned and the wonderful women that I have gotten to share the experience with. The flowers on my table are dying. I am on my second cup of coffee this a.m. Noah's dad (Paul) made us a grand picnic table for the kids (I will take a pic of it sometime soon). I think I will make banana bread with my rotten bananas. I hope I have all the ingredients here. I am patiently waiting for the garden to produce the first of our fare. That is if the groundhogs and bunnies don't eat everything. It's been rainy this morning , I hope the sun pops up sometime...I believe it will. good day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

suitable replacement

Gnome sweet gnome. I used to have a gnome exactly like this and his rope broke and then I lost track of his whereabouts... I was shopping in cubs the other day when I came across this jolly fellow. He was even on sale to boot. Ben and I just hung him in a tree and life is good. Ben and I also set up the turtle sandbox and that is where the child resides right now. Isabelle is at vacation bible school and a playdate. So, here I am trying to organize my brain regarding all the tasks at hand and life in general. Setting up the new home is challenging because alot can not come out yet....at the same time we will be hosting a "ski" family picnic here on saturday and I truly do not feel ready. I am sure it will come together swimmingly (as long as the weather is good to us). Today is my mom's birthday, so I wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Later Alligators.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

pillow & park

I feel in love with a similiar owl pillow online, so I attempted to re-create my own. I was quite thrilled with the end result. I am not a skilled sew person by any means, but I do enjoy the process. The kids love the pillow and it was so fun, I have a feeling that I will be making more!
Here he is. Pesty groundhog chomping away at our garden! Hope he leaves some vegetables for us!

We had a beautiful day with my parents yesterday. They came out for a visit and time went way too fast. We had a great trip to the park and then made a stop to Farm & Fleet (my dad's favorite store!).

Here the kids are feeding the wild geese ("we only read the dont feed the wild geese only feed the white ducks" sign as we were leaving. To our defense, the way we came in did not have a sign and besides there were no white ducks around....the wild geese probably ate them since noone is supposed to feed them and they were hungry).
Here the kids are running the merry-go-round, their very favorite feature of the park!
This morning is quiet and rainy. The family is still sleeping so I am enjoying this time of peace. Have a Super Saturday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

all over the place update

Recently, Ben and I got to enjoy a visit to Where the wild thing are. Ben is pointing up in this photo because he wanted me to help him get over the glass wall. He was most interested in climbing the exhibits than actually looking at the animals.

Isabelle has graduated Kindergarten! whoah. She was so happy yet sad that she would miss her teacher and friends. I am trying to keep activities lined up for a fun filled (but not overfilled) summer. First up on the agenda is summer dance class and vacation bible school.

Well, as I am telling people that we are still living in a construction zone: Here is an example. the living room. Actually this is the only room that really needs the finishing touches pretty much. it is also housing the equiptment. most of the rest of the house is mostly done. But, until this room is finished , I really am not going to unpack alot of the boxes or do any decorating. We are also finishing up(replacing) siding and windows but that will probalby not take place till fall.

So, I had a major urge to make something yesterday, so I created this mini little owl keychain. I love it except I did it really quickly and skipped out on some details (like adhereing the eyes properly, etc). Anyway - I love it and can't wait to make more. I have truly been missing my craft space and materials that is for sure. Once I get my craft room set up, I plan to make a wide variety of some of my favorite items (from cards, to journals, to plush animals, etc) and I will keep an online (blog) store and small showcase at home for family and friends and special customers (from my past etsy store) who are interested in purchasing any items. Can't wait to be open for business.
While we were staying with our family friend (Sue) for the last couple months...I took up the pastime of knitting. Several of my friends knit and I got the bug and gave it a try. I enjoy it. So far I have knitted two washclothes and some half (not finished yet) scarves.
Speaking of our time at Sue's (staying there while getting a majority of the house finished), it was such a special time that my family will treasure always. So many dear and fun moments were shared. Sue is an angel on earth. Seriously, what an amazing woman that I truly admire with all of my heart.
My time as MOPS Creative Activity Leader has come to an end with the end of the season. I feel so blessed that I was part of such a truly amazing and giving team. These woman have such giving hearts and great talents. I learned so much serving in that role this year.
As I type this , I hear Isabelle yelling "robin, robin, robin!!!" and I think to myself - "does isabelle know any girls named robin?" then I connect that she is speaking to a bird when she asks "do you like our garden?".
I know I have many more updates and sharing. I have lots of pics from the last couple months too that I would like to post. so please look for misc. updates to come. I am so glad to be back online and to be typing this message in my new kitchen. After all this time...we are finally here and making it a wonderful home.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

using my noggin

So, I have been thinking this out and I have come to the conclusion that to keep things simple, I will keep this same blog address/site and just revamp it. So anywho - changes and updates coming soon (I never say anywho in real life....or do I?)

Monday, June 01, 2009

New Blog Coming to a computer near you.

I am back .
Sorry for the long pause in posts.
Soon, I will continue blogging, but I am relocating (creating a new blog and ending this one).
I cannot wait to once again share super moments, fun stories and lovely photographs.
Friends & Family if you would like to continue with me, please let me know if you want the new blog address/info and I will make sure to add you to my list.
Thanks & goodnight. :)