Monday, June 15, 2009

suitable replacement

Gnome sweet gnome. I used to have a gnome exactly like this and his rope broke and then I lost track of his whereabouts... I was shopping in cubs the other day when I came across this jolly fellow. He was even on sale to boot. Ben and I just hung him in a tree and life is good. Ben and I also set up the turtle sandbox and that is where the child resides right now. Isabelle is at vacation bible school and a playdate. So, here I am trying to organize my brain regarding all the tasks at hand and life in general. Setting up the new home is challenging because alot can not come out the same time we will be hosting a "ski" family picnic here on saturday and I truly do not feel ready. I am sure it will come together swimmingly (as long as the weather is good to us). Today is my mom's birthday, so I wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Later Alligators.

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