Sunday, June 28, 2009

A horse is a pony of course of course

Ben always wants me to take his picture. picture me! , picture me!
I caught a glimpse of the Gnome that protects my pansey watering can.

I like this one of the children. They are either getting along super swimingly or fighting like cats and giraffes.

Here is Isabelle enjoying a peanut butter (only) sandwich. She is so proud of herself to make her own sandwich. She puts about 1/2 jar of peanutbutter on it. She is amazed that peter pan is on the jar! must be magical peanutbutter. I love how her tummy sticks out in this bathing suit. hehe

This is what my children do with their dinner. Hamburger Buns on the ears & singing. (please ignore the unfinished window behind the youngins).

Enjoy this video of the kids on a pony ride at the park. Ben wanted to be a cowboy but as soon as this video ends...he wants to get off the pony. I had to come take him off....he said : "horse scary". I think he liked it until it started moving. Oh well, there's always next time. Too bad I didn't get my $3 bucks back! hehe
Well I have a bunch of scrambled eggs to clean up..... Happy Sunday!

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