Thursday, June 25, 2009

ART is in the AIR

Yes, I took Isabelle to the Art Museum today because they had their AIR conditioning on. No Seriously, though - Isabelle absolutley enjoyed this art for kids class today. It is a series based on animals and today the kids got to listen to a story about Octopus and then they got make some projects in relation. I so enjoyed helping the kids with their projects and also being an art room again. I just love the atmosphere. Being surrounded by paints and papers....colors...and textures. It was beyond wonderful....and we are going back tomorrow. Can't wait to see what is planned for Isabelle (us)!

Watercolor Ocean with salt technique.

This is an Octopus Isabelle made and Named after her Art Teacher...ASHLEY.
Isabelle and her Friend Sam are working on all the tenticles for their Octopus Buddies. Sam named his: Vinny.

My friend Sarah took the younger siblings (Ben & Hannah) during the class, then we met up for a picnic lunch & some park time. Although HOT, it was FUN!

Ben is finally getting used to the SWINGS.

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Sal said...

I just noticed that Ben's wearing Nate and Cam's Old Navy truck shirt!! I loved that shirt!!!!!!!!!hehe, so glad to see it being used again. :)