Wednesday, June 10, 2009

all over the place update

Recently, Ben and I got to enjoy a visit to Where the wild thing are. Ben is pointing up in this photo because he wanted me to help him get over the glass wall. He was most interested in climbing the exhibits than actually looking at the animals.

Isabelle has graduated Kindergarten! whoah. She was so happy yet sad that she would miss her teacher and friends. I am trying to keep activities lined up for a fun filled (but not overfilled) summer. First up on the agenda is summer dance class and vacation bible school.

Well, as I am telling people that we are still living in a construction zone: Here is an example. the living room. Actually this is the only room that really needs the finishing touches pretty much. it is also housing the equiptment. most of the rest of the house is mostly done. But, until this room is finished , I really am not going to unpack alot of the boxes or do any decorating. We are also finishing up(replacing) siding and windows but that will probalby not take place till fall.

So, I had a major urge to make something yesterday, so I created this mini little owl keychain. I love it except I did it really quickly and skipped out on some details (like adhereing the eyes properly, etc). Anyway - I love it and can't wait to make more. I have truly been missing my craft space and materials that is for sure. Once I get my craft room set up, I plan to make a wide variety of some of my favorite items (from cards, to journals, to plush animals, etc) and I will keep an online (blog) store and small showcase at home for family and friends and special customers (from my past etsy store) who are interested in purchasing any items. Can't wait to be open for business.
While we were staying with our family friend (Sue) for the last couple months...I took up the pastime of knitting. Several of my friends knit and I got the bug and gave it a try. I enjoy it. So far I have knitted two washclothes and some half (not finished yet) scarves.
Speaking of our time at Sue's (staying there while getting a majority of the house finished), it was such a special time that my family will treasure always. So many dear and fun moments were shared. Sue is an angel on earth. Seriously, what an amazing woman that I truly admire with all of my heart.
My time as MOPS Creative Activity Leader has come to an end with the end of the season. I feel so blessed that I was part of such a truly amazing and giving team. These woman have such giving hearts and great talents. I learned so much serving in that role this year.
As I type this , I hear Isabelle yelling "robin, robin, robin!!!" and I think to myself - "does isabelle know any girls named robin?" then I connect that she is speaking to a bird when she asks "do you like our garden?".
I know I have many more updates and sharing. I have lots of pics from the last couple months too that I would like to post. so please look for misc. updates to come. I am so glad to be back online and to be typing this message in my new kitchen. After all this time...we are finally here and making it a wonderful home.

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blessedwith3 said...

HI cheryl,...welcome back to the blog world. I cant wait to come visit your new home. Welcome home my friend.