Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink or Blue?...

...only time will tell! We are expecting number #3! (sorry I didn't have a better photo to go along w/ the news...but I really don't have any baby stuff around here!). I am a little over 11 weeks now and approx. due April 20th. So, in the spring we will be welcoming our new little love. Isabelle is thrilled beyond the moon, she can't wait to help take care of her new sibling and teach it (she keeps saying her although a boy would be just fine too. hehe) things. Ben is happy also, he is telling everyone he comes across. Every day they both share how excited that they are for this addition. Ben wants to name the baby Taco. I told him I will add it to the list. I've been pretty sick this time around, so it has been hard. I am hoping the nausea & tiredness lets up a little soon. I had a wonderful dr. appt in which an ultrasound was done and we saw a very strong heartbeat. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers these upcoming months for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Other ramblings:
It's raining and feels like fall and I love it.
I have been craving chocolate milk.
I finally sucked it up and paid a huge fine at the library for a lost harry potter movie.
Isabelle has gotten pefect 100% on her first 2 spelling tests.
I am really enjoying the new bible study that I am in, it is about the power of women's words.
I am also enjoying MOPS & MosaIc, two wonderful groups that I am in with the most amazing friends/mothers. I feel so blessed. :)
I have done NO crafts lately.
Progress is coming along on the house again: the fireplace is being worked on and the remainder of the house windows have been ordered.
Isabelle is loving ballet again this season (and will take part in The Wizard of Oz recital in Spring). She has also started Brownies and is very excited about all the things that are planned.
I am looking forward to anything/everything fall.
I think that is all for the moment: Happy Weekend friends & family!

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Sally said...

I think Taco is a lovely name. :)
Although, I think Ben might get confused when he asks "what's for dinner?" and you say "tacos"....yikes.
We have a friend named Gonzalo, and my boys call him maybe Taco is a perfectly fine name!