Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mums the WoRd.

It's starting to look a little bit like fall around here! Noah recently decided to landscape the front lawn a bit, this means tilling up all the grass in front and re-seeding in hopes for lush wonderfulfulness to sprout up in the future. He also tore out some old stuff that was lingering around and planted some beautiful fall mums!

Yesterday we traveled to a nearby town for a fall festival (although it felt kind of summerish) and a parade. It was enjoyable. I can't believe how much candy the kids hauled in, i'd say it was close to the Halloween bounty last year.

Isabelle learned a tip that if she waved alot she'd get more candy. We'll this kid never stopped waving for the whole 2 hour event. There were times she even had to hold her arm up to continue on, yet she never ceased. Dedicated to the cause for sure.

Ben on the other hand, got a piece and focused on that one piece. Instant gratification instead of storing up for the long haul. He sampled most of his candy (probably knowing Isabelle was getting enough for both of them).

Besides the lovely parade, it was quite a busy week all around. Things have been crazy around town since Extreme Makeover Home Edition has rolled in. Several of my friends have met the cast and many people are volunteering at the home site. I have heard many amazing and inspiring stories throughout this process. The family comes back to see their new abode on the 16th. MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) has started up again for the season and the new steering team did an amazing job with the 1st meeting, I have a feeling it is going to be a wonderful MOPS year! Isabelle was thrilled to make applesauce at school this week. She is really enjoying 1st grade. Even today, she wanted to make sure that there is school tomorrow because she can't wait to get back. Today I had to go to church with a major sunburn on my forehead (from the parade), that was lovely. The best part of Church today was during a silence, Ben loudly announced: "Me have to go Poop!". Although truly embarrassed, I couldn''t help but laugh along with the surrounding pews. If you don't laugh, you cry. Busy, busy week ahead... Happy Sunday!

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