Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes, they are RED.

To be quite honest, I am having a very crappy day. BIG Headache. I am being too lazy to hook my camera up to the computer to download any new I thought I would share my new washer and dryer with you. Yes, my lovely appliances deserve a better spot than this this yuky basement corner...but for now , this is their place. :) I must tell you that I feel quite joy when I do my laundry these days. You need to understand that I went for a long while with yuky and then non working-non existance appliances before we could replace them. Even for a few months there before we moved, I was going to the laundry mat. I am sorry - but I truly dreaded it each was a nightmare for various reasons. So now, when I do my laundry, I truly feel so thankful to be able to do our loads & loads & loads of clothes and linens at home. :)

There is a fly buzzing around my head and I want to beat him to death with a stick (did I mention I am a little crabby right now?). I have a very busy weekend coming up. Good stuff, just busy stuff. Tonight I am making beef strognoff for the evening meal. I actually made real chocolate chip cookies like a real mom/housewife. I think I will take a little nap since I feel the kids have finally dosed off for a smidge. Please dog: don't bark while we are resting.

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