Thursday, July 23, 2009

Once upon a time...there was time.

Here is a Bunny Rabbit for your viewing pleasure.
Random Thoughts & happenings: This week Ben climbed to the top of the bookshelf and screamed: Me Spiderman! That is when I decided it was time to leave the library. Last Night for dinner, Noah made a No-NoOdle Zucchini Lasagna. It was excellent. By the way if anyone will be in need of Zucchini let me know or swing on by. Also if you have any great Zucchini recipes let me know. I want to do something different with it then we normally do. It's been kind of rainy and cold (so dreary one day that we even made chili for dinner! Chili in midjuly! crazy I tell ya) but we have had a very busy week. This summer is going fast that is for sure. I can't believe school is right around the corner. I have to make sure all my ducks are in a row for paperwork and requirements and such. So much to do , so little time. I read a sign in a friends kitchen this week that I thought was very cute: Once upon a time...there was time. Also right around the corner is both the kids birthdays. I am just starting to plan a little girl TEA Party for a few of Isabelle's friends. I hope that I can whip this together properly in time. That's what she wants, a tea party at home. She also wants her ears pierced. I don't know if I am ready for her to have that done yet. I don't think we will have family parties for the kids this year, maybe just some special little get togethers/meals. Lately my children have been talking like they are Robots. Kind of silly. Also all of a sudden Isabelle has freckles (she insists) and she said that she has them because she kept wishing to God for them and she wished really hard and he gave them to her. The kids favorite outside thing lately is picking mulberries and coming in with purple hands and mouths. There is a rumor that a tomato may turn red some day soon..that is if the sun ever comes out. I just started two books to read: Pride and Prejudice (I've never read this before!) and also Julie/Julia (the book the new movie about julia child is based on). Well, I better go tend to the children as they are up and on the other hand, not so sure.

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Sal said...

I will never forget getting my ears pierced on my 6th birthday..... my mom's chiropractor (yes i said her chiropractor) did it for me. It never occurred to me then that it was weird that her chiropractor had an ear piercing gun.... now I think it's very bizarre.......but I was THRILLED! I can still see myself looking in the full length mirror at my shiny new gold earrings.