Sunday, July 12, 2009

Morning Report

It's such a quiet calm morning here this Sunday. Paul & Celia (a.k.a. grandparents) took the kids last night for a movie & sleepover. So, Noah & I decided to go on a much overdue - "date". We went and had a wonderful dinner at a local italian restaurant (cannovas). I had one of the evenings specials that included: penne pasta, chicken, asparagus, shrimp, yellow peppers, sundried tomato & a creamy tomato basil sauce. Then we decided to get some movies and just relax at home. We watched The curious case of Benjamin Button. Truly enjoyable. We had such a fun evening with lots of laughs.

This morning I get up to the birds chirping, the I take my coffee outside and sit and breathe-in the beauty of this earth. Wow. God is good. I notice my childrens bikes left out on the lawn and my heart smiles. Although I miss their presence, I needed this little break.
Then I took a little stroll in our garden to check on the progress of things. The summer squash is doing great and we have also already eaten some green & hot peppers. The beans are not doing so well...The tomatoes are green and growing....

Do you think there is a Cabbage Patch Kid in there?

My amazing discovery of the morning. This tree has mulberries growing on it! Tons of them! Isabelle will be thrilled! We had black raspberries at the old house and I knew that was something we would miss. Yet here is a wonderful surprise. Yay!

Here are some grapes growing. not too sure what I will be doing with these. I don't know much about canning/preserving, etc. So, I will be looking toward some of my more skilled in this area friends for advice. Wine, Jam, both? hehe
Noah is still sleeping, I think he is also enjoying the quiet of this morning. I look forward to when he gets up because he is making homemade bisquits and gravy. Also today, I think I will be going on a garden walk in town with some very amazing women in my life. Something wonderful to look forward to. Happy Sunday dear friends & family.

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