Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thur. a.m. musings.

My Happy Olivia at the preschool performance this week. Yes, my baby lives in pajamas pretty much. Actually, I am quite jealous. Warm & Easy attire for her these days.
Here is a nighttime glimpse of our tree all decorated. This guy sure drinks alot of water.

Here are the kids earlier this week, waking up to Isabelle's finds of her most recent tooth fairy visit. Ben has woken up seconds before this picture, which may explain his look. (Sally - Ben still sleeps with his blanky cow every single night!...and naps...and car rides.. anytime really! hehe)
Thanks to Alton Brown, I now know how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. I cut Ben's hair last night , I must say it did not turn out bad at all. It still needs a real cut, but for now it will do. hehe. Ben just got up as a matter of fact and told me he loves me and then said good morning to Flick who is sitting on top of the refridgerator. Will I ever get to my craft/art room this season or get to make our families famous Peanut Butter Balls? I hope so. Today will be a day of packing. Packing the kids to stay with family, and packing Noah and I for our trip to South Dakota. Please keep us all in your prayers for health and safety in these upcoming days. Why don't the dishes every go away? When they are piled up like they are this morning (because I was too cold and tired to do them last night), I remind myself how thankful that I am that I have a wonderful crazy clan of people to do them for....but I should really invest in more paper plates. So, I made something called: Lazy Lasagna this week. It turned out o.k. I don't think I will make it again. I hope it didn't snow too much out there, I see the roads/car are white again. After the day I had yesterday, I am so done with this winter (car sliding a few times, and me slipping on the ice as well. Thankful I wasn't holding Olivia). O.k., Isabelle just got up and threw up...looks like there will be no school for her today...

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