Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ben The Donkey / Horse

There is nothing more precious then Preschool Christmas Program at School. I so look forward to this event knowing that I will laugh and cry every time. This year Ben played the part of The Donkey...but we only had a horse costume so it worked! hehe. This year the show was in the evening (It is usually a day time ritual), so Ben was pretty exhausted by showtime. But, when he got his bells, he sang his heart out. As usual all the adorable children were a pure delight in every single way. The performance started out with the Angel Gabriel announcing that he had to go to the bathroom and it ended with one of the wise men crying because he didn't get bells to shake and these are the wonderful gems that make it what it is! I always feel so blessed to witness these children during this magical time.

In other news: Isabelle lost another tooth! A bottom one this time. (She sure is keeping the tooth fairy busy). Our tree is up and most of the decorations are as well. I absoutley love how the kids decorate the tree. They put like 15 ornaments on one branch. Can there be too many ornaments on a single tree I wonder? I love that Isabelle plays pretend with the ornaments like I used to when I was a little girl. An imaginary Christmas world within the tree. The kids fought while they set up the Nativity Scene (but, then they played nice with it). I love that they get so excited about opening the boxes of decorations and that they remember things from the previous years. the Kids can't wait to see where Flick the Elf is every morning. This morning, I spotted him sitting in the top of the tree. He must be happy that we finally have one! Gingerbreadmen marshmellows are actually not bad. Bought some for our hot chocolate. The weather outside is frightful. We have got no baking or crafting done yet this season. I hope to really focus on that next week. The time is flying by like a reindeer. This week is chalked full of events and Noah and I are flying to South Dakota this weekend for a business/work party. I don't even know if I have a suitcase. I better start getting my act together. While we are away, the children's palet will be filled with lots of fun holiday stuff including being with misc. family. I am praying for safety, health and goodness for us all. I have NO clue what to make for dinner tonight.

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