Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowy Salute

Can't believe Christmas is a few days away. This is stuff I have in a basket on my coffee table. I rarely ever drink coffee at my coffee table.
I really enjoy watching our wildlife in the winter snow! Nature in a White Wonderland.

Lancelot enjoying the snow as well.

Ben helping make the dough for our sugar cookies (dough in freezer, no cookies made as of yet, I was way too tired after a long day.).
Although, I did make Toffee for the first time today! Easy peasy and good to boot. I may do something competley unheard of and skip the tradition of peanut butter balls this year. Today we also made some cinnamon/applesauce ornaments (those are the brown things with the glitter on the table). They take 24 hours to dry so tomorrow we will put ribbons on them and finish them off.
One day last week I decided to get all Martha Stewarty and I attempted to make a door wreath from our leftover tree limbs. Well, now I understand why people just go to the store and purchase such decor. A thousand pine needles all over my bathtub, and an aching back later, my wonderous creation was complete (as seen above) and yultiding for all to view with pleasure. I pulled the bow off of an old fake wreath I had and I also used the wire frame from that one and just added new twisty wire and fresh cut tree limbs. Well guess what, these pine limbs are not all that easy to bend into an amazing and beautiful shape to deck the hall. So anyway, I think I will leave future wreath making to the masters and marthas of the world.
In other news:
I am starting to regret/dislike/disagree with my haircut. Speaking of haircuts - Noah says the haircut that I gave Ben makes him look like a little Hitler. (This is also something I normally leave to the masters, but didnt have time to get him to a cuttery yet the hair over his ears and neck were almost braid-able so I took my chances. Once in a great while, I let the kids eat like little piggies (like Ralphys little brother randy in A Christmas Story). Since we were eating meatloaf tonight and the kids weren't really eating it...I let tonight be one of those rare nights (since they asked and all and I alraedy had a huge mess to clean up). So anyway they had a blast and I recorded it, I may post the video here if it's short enough. Last week my car slid a few times at stops and I slipped and fell on my back on the ice...so I promplty announced at that I was so done with winter...yet it's still here so I am trying to take pleasure in the season as best as possible by accepting it and knowing there is beauty and purpose for ice welding my car door shut. School was cancelled for today due to weather so the kids are offically on break and I must say I am thrilled. I need a break from the school routine. Not that I sleep in, but at least I dont have to rush out the door. I need to get Olivia a stocking. I am just using an extra one we have, but it's not quite her. I think I am pretty ready for Christmas for the most part. Noah and I are discussing/planning the meals for Christmas Eve and Day. I think we should just make a mystery meal. Each course a delightful surprise to the culinary palet. Or we could just open a bag of chips. The most fantastic part of my day was that I stayed in my pajamas. O.k., I have probably rambled beyond enough. I wonder where Flick will wind up by morning time.

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