Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, Deer - Mt. Rushmore

Noah and I flew away for the weekend leaving the children behind with family. It was a mini getaway with a work related Christmas celebration. We got to stay at a wonderful and private resort. In the mornings we were greeted by coffee, turkeys and deer. The evenings were closed with fireplaces, wine and friendly conversations. One thing that I didn't expect to really be a big deal until I was upon it was visiting Mt. Rushmore. I must be honest, it wasn't something I really thought too much into in the past. But I must say that this American Monument is Amazing and Inspiring. Seeing it in person and also learning all the behind the scenes facts was truly grand. I am so glad that I had this opportunity. Also, flying back to Chicago at night time with all the Christmas lights was a beautiful sight. Bonus: It was so nice not to do dishes and laundry for a few days.
This is the view from our room balcony. We could actually see George from there.

This is what you see walking up to the mountain. Flags and posts from all the states.

It was such a great visit because the air was cold but not freezing and there were some people there but not crowded. The best part was that the book store was open (hehe). FYI - thoughts off of the top of my head: It took approx. 14 years for this Art to be created. 90 percent was done by dynamite. The rest (the details) were carved and chistled by many workers. The creator died before the project was complete and his son finished his fathers dream.

This is a moutain goat that we drove by while exiting the parking area. We just stared at each
other for awhile then he resumed eating the earth and we continued on our journey.

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