Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's froggy out.

Good Morning fellow humans. Hope you are warm & well these days. I cannot find my camera cord this a.m., so there will be no photographs to accompany my wonderful words. I can't believe how busy these days have been. They are running like a polar express. Don't know what I'll say this morning so I will just ramble some thoughts and be on my way. It's foggy out this morning, or as Isabelle always says: froggy. For some reason, she is in belief that froggy is the correct term. I say let it be. I went through my whole childhood saying many things fact there are still a few things that I just can't grasp correctly. My brain hears them differentlly then other people. Like I just don't hear the difference between the words: beer, bear, bare. Apparently, I say them wrong. SCHOOL PICTURES...So, I was so excited when school pictures finally came in, I opened Ben's and thought - cute kid, his hair is messy but it will do. Then I get Isabelle's package...and I open it up and I am in tears. High hopes pushed down the drain by a crooked forced painful smile that I can't possible put on the mantle and handout to the relatives to place in their wallets and hang on their fridge for a lovely year. So, the worst part is that I have this reaction right in front of Isabelle. Poor Kid (nice mom huh?). I don't know if I over-reacted due to hormones or tiredness or what...but I just felt so sad about her pictures. This beautiful amazing girl....posing a really "uncomfortable smile". So, she felt bad too and said she didnt like the picture (probably of course due to my crappy reaction) and I felt horrible and told her that I love the picture but, that her smile wasn't captured and I love to see her after much debate in my noggin and guilt...I decided to sign her up for retakes and hope for a better result. Since I am paying a pretty decent fee for these photos, I would like to at least take them out of the envelope. NETFLIX - we have finally signed up for this invention. So far it has been glorious besides the fact that the first movies we returned went missing in the u.s. mail system for a bit. They are now recovered and we can move on. I have offically whipped out the CHRISTMAS MUSIC. This is early for me, but I have had the strong desire to hear my favorite song of the season: O'Holy Night. There is a beautiful comfort in this song. o.k., I have to go now. Isabelle is up and she won't stop talking to me so now my brain is spinning and the dog jumped on the couch so I have to beat him. Fun stuff.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

leaves, crafts and wildlife. oh my!

See more of this super neato CIRCLE JOURNAL on my wish papers blog!

This is a really simple Autumn decoration I made with stuff around the house. Dried (and modge podged) leaves, twigs, candle, mason jar....whip it all together and a wonderment of fall pleasure appears to comfort and bring you warmth and joy. Yes, amazing.

Cardinals! Those magical little beauties. There were at least 10 on the lawn here, I captured a few (on film...not in a net or cage). Side note: Should I be angry with the chunky cheeky squirrels not only because they very much taunt my dog (which tortures me), but also because they broke into the shed and have stolen all of the bird food, so I have none left to feed these joyous creatures? ugh Squirrels. Not on my favorite list lately.

Isabelle jumping into the leaves on a fine fall day.

Ben relaxing in the leaves on a fine fall day.

Big news in our household: Isabelle woke up yesterday and lost her 2nd tooth. Yes, her second tooth! Luckily the tooth fairy has remembered to visit and the child will be waking up momentarily to an enchanted gift (a note & some coins).
---OtHeR nOtEs ---
We have finally signed up for Netflix. Our first movies should arrive today.
Ben now likes "The Hulk" and doesn't want to wear a shirt.
We are having Salisbury Steak with Onion Gravy for dinner this evening.
Thats all I can think of to report as my brain has decided to take a siesta. (and the children are up)
Happy Veteran's Day to all of our past, present & future soldiers. Thank you & God Bless you.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Just a few notes.

no pictures to share at the moment, just a few notes.
The weather is soooo beautiful right now...I have the windows open...the breeze is gently blowing is almost feels like spring! Dr. Appt today - was uneventful = successful. Listened to the heartbeat again....such a miracle sound (Ben thinks it sounds like a train). My belly is getting big already...kind of crazy. Next appt. is in one month...that's the big ultrasound in which we can find out the gender. We found out with Isabelle and Ben...this one we are going to try and wait and keep it a surprise. So, on the day of the ultrasound, I may weaken....but I am truly going to try and be strong. We had teacher conferences yesterday. I am so proud of Isabelle and Ben, they are doing so wonderful in school. We have things to work on of course but overall things are going really well. It is so nice to hear what the teachers have to say in regards to their manners, attitudes, progress..etc. I know we are trying hard to raise these little people the best that we's good to see it is actually working. I'm drinking black tea. It's perfect right now, especially since I have been battling a cold that I hope stays at bay. I think for dinner tonight we will have soup/salad. Simple yet good. Looking forward to a quiet weekend. That's all for now, Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

turn that frown upside down.

Welcome November! I do not like the artwork on my calendar for this November (I must admit I was disappointed when I flipped to this month only to see something non-super ((which is ducks...hello wheres the turkey?)).) I am adjusting to the time change pretty decently though.

Some people were asking to see our new rug and Noah's antique lion leather chair. Here are both items in one glorious picture.

These are some Matchbook Paintchip Notebooks in a fall like theme. I made these today in/for my Mosaic group. It was fun to see what designs everyone came up with. I know this looks disqusting. This was our dinner last night: Big Meatball Stew. It was truly excellent. The kids even loved it. Some ingredients include but are not limited to: ginormous meatballs, tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, eggplant, mushrooms (yuk), thyme.

I would be lying if I didn't say that I felt like today was quite JUNK on many levels. I won't go into the details of the happenings. The things that happened really hurt, angered, & frustrated me. Let's just say one of the things almost lead me to punch out a very crabby librarian.

I sit here and I think about my challenging encounters today. I realize that I can't always please people, I cannot change or control people, I can't live in a bubble on an island by myself. My attitude is poor, my tolerance and my patience are wading at a very low level lately. It is one of those days that I feel beat up by the world so to say. I actually almost want to cry but cannot really pinpoint why. I just feel tired of so many things. I wish I knew how to handle these feelings and situations better...with grace, strength, and kindness, no matter what is shown or acted toward me. But lately, I just don't have it in me. I don't know which way to turn or how to solve some of these issues. I don't know what I am supposed to learn from some of these things and I don't know what I am supposed to just let go of. So, I will pray. I will pray for answers and compassion, wisdom and wonderful...I will pray for lots of wonderful.

I will end this post with a focus on a few of the very postive things that happened today/recently. The sun came out today. Last night , we saw a giant buck running behind the field/woods behind our house. This is the first "deer" we have seen since moving to town. Every morning our neighbor across the street leaves his newspaper on our doorstep for us and every morning that I see it there waiting, a smile embraces my heart. I have realized that I am approx 16 weeks along now in my pregnancy, that means I am getting there! Pretty soon I will start to feel the baby kick...and I must tell you there is almost nothing more magical on earth. I got many smiles and hugs and notes from misc. friends today...and if that doesn't tell me that maybe I am someone special, I don't know what does. So, here are just a few little miracles and moments that remind me that things are good and that I am blessed. Soon, I will end my day with hugs & kisses from my beautiful family and I will believe that tomorrow will be better. goodnight.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Loot, The Tooth & Other Notes

o.k., there is way too much candy in this house. Maybe we should give some to the squirrels.

Well, the biggest news of our day...Isabelle woke up on the morning of Halloween and her tooth came out! This is her first tooth we are saying goodbye to. She has been waiting for this moment for as long as I can remember. Lately she has been wiggling this one in hopes for this result. We put her tooth in a sandwich bag and told her to keep it safe for the tooth fairy. Isabelle kept staring at her tooth all day and saying how beautiful it was. Isabelle called Grandparents to share the news, Isabelle opened the front window and screamed across the street to the neighbors her was such an amazing and glorious time. (after doing some research amongst my friends, I decided that the tooth fairy would bring: One dollar & a brand new Princess Toothbrush).
Other Noteworthys:
Noah and I are celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary today (Nov. 1).
We bought a great new rug for the living room yesterday. I love it.
We are hosting Thanksgiving here this year and I am excited to start planning.
I've been feeling better for the most part. Enjoying this while it lasts!
Ben is starting to replace some of his ME's with I's and this makes me sad (because he is growing up). Example: Me want some milk. is now: I want some milk.
Happy Sunday Friends & Family, we are so blessed. Thanks for sharing in all our news.

The Cowboy & The Indian

All these pics are from Halloween day except the last one is a photo from the day before as Isabelle marches in her school parade. :) Halloween was a great success overall. The kids had a blast and we had no major costume malfunctions. It was a bit chilly during trick or treating...but the kids didn't seem to mind. Isabelle's biggest joy from her loot gathering was that someone gave her a can of Root beer (all her dreams came true). To end the evening the kids had magical chicken & stars soup and us adults had Chili & cornbread. We sat by the fireplace and discussed: Candy, Costumes & Ghosts.