Friday, November 06, 2009

Just a few notes.

no pictures to share at the moment, just a few notes.
The weather is soooo beautiful right now...I have the windows open...the breeze is gently blowing is almost feels like spring! Dr. Appt today - was uneventful = successful. Listened to the heartbeat again....such a miracle sound (Ben thinks it sounds like a train). My belly is getting big already...kind of crazy. Next appt. is in one month...that's the big ultrasound in which we can find out the gender. We found out with Isabelle and Ben...this one we are going to try and wait and keep it a surprise. So, on the day of the ultrasound, I may weaken....but I am truly going to try and be strong. We had teacher conferences yesterday. I am so proud of Isabelle and Ben, they are doing so wonderful in school. We have things to work on of course but overall things are going really well. It is so nice to hear what the teachers have to say in regards to their manners, attitudes, progress..etc. I know we are trying hard to raise these little people the best that we's good to see it is actually working. I'm drinking black tea. It's perfect right now, especially since I have been battling a cold that I hope stays at bay. I think for dinner tonight we will have soup/salad. Simple yet good. Looking forward to a quiet weekend. That's all for now, Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Seal the babys gender in an envelope, then try to stay strong.