Wednesday, November 11, 2009

leaves, crafts and wildlife. oh my!

See more of this super neato CIRCLE JOURNAL on my wish papers blog!

This is a really simple Autumn decoration I made with stuff around the house. Dried (and modge podged) leaves, twigs, candle, mason jar....whip it all together and a wonderment of fall pleasure appears to comfort and bring you warmth and joy. Yes, amazing.

Cardinals! Those magical little beauties. There were at least 10 on the lawn here, I captured a few (on film...not in a net or cage). Side note: Should I be angry with the chunky cheeky squirrels not only because they very much taunt my dog (which tortures me), but also because they broke into the shed and have stolen all of the bird food, so I have none left to feed these joyous creatures? ugh Squirrels. Not on my favorite list lately.

Isabelle jumping into the leaves on a fine fall day.

Ben relaxing in the leaves on a fine fall day.

Big news in our household: Isabelle woke up yesterday and lost her 2nd tooth. Yes, her second tooth! Luckily the tooth fairy has remembered to visit and the child will be waking up momentarily to an enchanted gift (a note & some coins).
---OtHeR nOtEs ---
We have finally signed up for Netflix. Our first movies should arrive today.
Ben now likes "The Hulk" and doesn't want to wear a shirt.
We are having Salisbury Steak with Onion Gravy for dinner this evening.
Thats all I can think of to report as my brain has decided to take a siesta. (and the children are up)
Happy Veteran's Day to all of our past, present & future soldiers. Thank you & God Bless you.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your blog! It is as real, genuine and fun as you! :)

Sarah S. (your fearless table leader)