Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's froggy out.

Good Morning fellow humans. Hope you are warm & well these days. I cannot find my camera cord this a.m., so there will be no photographs to accompany my wonderful words. I can't believe how busy these days have been. They are running like a polar express. Don't know what I'll say this morning so I will just ramble some thoughts and be on my way. It's foggy out this morning, or as Isabelle always says: froggy. For some reason, she is in belief that froggy is the correct term. I say let it be. I went through my whole childhood saying many things fact there are still a few things that I just can't grasp correctly. My brain hears them differentlly then other people. Like I just don't hear the difference between the words: beer, bear, bare. Apparently, I say them wrong. SCHOOL PICTURES...So, I was so excited when school pictures finally came in, I opened Ben's and thought - cute kid, his hair is messy but it will do. Then I get Isabelle's package...and I open it up and I am in tears. High hopes pushed down the drain by a crooked forced painful smile that I can't possible put on the mantle and handout to the relatives to place in their wallets and hang on their fridge for a lovely year. So, the worst part is that I have this reaction right in front of Isabelle. Poor Kid (nice mom huh?). I don't know if I over-reacted due to hormones or tiredness or what...but I just felt so sad about her pictures. This beautiful amazing girl....posing a really "uncomfortable smile". So, she felt bad too and said she didnt like the picture (probably of course due to my crappy reaction) and I felt horrible and told her that I love the picture but, that her smile wasn't captured and I love to see her after much debate in my noggin and guilt...I decided to sign her up for retakes and hope for a better result. Since I am paying a pretty decent fee for these photos, I would like to at least take them out of the envelope. NETFLIX - we have finally signed up for this invention. So far it has been glorious besides the fact that the first movies we returned went missing in the u.s. mail system for a bit. They are now recovered and we can move on. I have offically whipped out the CHRISTMAS MUSIC. This is early for me, but I have had the strong desire to hear my favorite song of the season: O'Holy Night. There is a beautiful comfort in this song. o.k., I have to go now. Isabelle is up and she won't stop talking to me so now my brain is spinning and the dog jumped on the couch so I have to beat him. Fun stuff.

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