Friday, April 04, 2008

Orphan Annie & Sick Family

The "Annie Wig" - So, Uncle Al...found the most amazing pefect thing to go with Isabelle's Annie Dress. A wig! At first she was scared of it, but then she wouldn't take it off at all, she wanted to sleep in it. I even let her wear it to store because she wanted to. She does have a negative comment though: that she doesn't really like the wig...cuz it's itchy. Now she just wears it occassionaly.

Sickness All About. Yesterday was a horrible day. We have all been feeling sick and I got the kids into the dr. WEll 3 hours later, I left there with 4 (3 for ben, 1 for Isabelle) perscriptions in my hands, but not before bursting into tears in the dr's office. I think I was so tired from no sleep for two nights, and I was overwhelmed by the news. Isabelle and Ben have strep throat, and Ben has an ear infection and a rash. It is scary to me that what seems to be a cold can turn into so much more so quickly. To be honest the last couple days have felt like a nightmare. I've been trying to get dr. appoints for noah and I because we believe we have strep as well. But, everyone is booked so I think we will have to go to a same day care place if we can. Even though I feel like total crap (just being honest), I am SO thankful that the children were treated and they have their medicine and are on the way to recovery. Isabelle is quite upset that she won't be going to school today because she was excited about the show and tell she was going to bring. Anyway, please say a prayer for my family, that complete health is restored soon.

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