Sunday, April 06, 2008

Outdoor Fun has Begun

Report from an Early Spring Late Sunday Afternoon:
The last (2) days we have been able to spend some time outside. The kids absoutley LOVE it. I hope the sun and fresh air will do something for us all. The kids get so whipped out, they come in and nap heavily and then go out again.

Noah started planting the garden today. He is excited because he is doing a different concept this year. Raised beds. It looks to me like each vegetable is grouped seperately and I don't know much else about this system yet.

I was so proud of my self today because I cleaned out my entire car from a long winters nap. It is amazing how many fishy crackers, slip beyond the little fingers of the youngins and wind up smashed between the seats and on the floor. No wonder we go through so many fish. So anway, I was so proud of myself for cleaning out my car....and I just went out there to move it , when low and behold....I had left the keys in the inition and that battery is dead! Duh! How the heck did I mangage to do that? WEll, good news is Noah is charging it now. I am just glad I didnt discover this tomorrow morning right before we had to leave.

Tonight Noah is making some fancy dinner. I think we have all had soup/some sandwiches for the last 3-4 days pretty much. So this will be a nice change of pace. And I just finished making dinner hearts. (paper hearts: that I distribute at dinner time every now and then to tell the kids how much we love them and a reason why we are proud of them or something along those lines. Isabelle will be so excited, she loves dinner hearts). Good night and God Bless us all dear family and friends.

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