Friday, April 04, 2008

The sicko

Here's one of my little sickos. He just loves oatmeal! I just wanted to share with you how sweet this little boy is. Last night we were sitting in the living room, resting and talking...Isabelle fell asleep on one of the couches...Ben decided she needed her strawberry short cake doll, so he got all his blankets off, got off the couch, went to the toy bin, retrieved the doll and layed it next to her..he was proud of himself so he clapped, then he went back to the toy bin got his special doll and came back to the couch, got himself positioned and just started hugging his baby and patting its back. It was just so sweet...melted my heart. A good little moment to focus on when things are so down right now.

Also - just a kid comparison observation thing. When Isabelle first started talking, she used to call JUICE: Joo. Now that Ben has started talking he calls JUICE: oose. Just thought that was interesting.

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