Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dumb Dog

I think this is my favorite book that I have made so far. It is a blank journal with coptic style binding. It has now I just have my memories and this lovely photograph.

This "spring break" week has flown by. Yuk weather, but what can you do?

On Sundays we try to take on a house project of some sort (the rate our house is at, we should take on a house project every day, maybe every hour) to at least make some kind of improvement. Today Noah suggested that we work in the basement. It is a horrible dungeon sewer moldy cobwebbed nightmare...noone ventures down there unless it is a complete neccesity. Well today, we tackled the beginning of emptying the entire basement out. It's just yuk down there and we think it would be best if it was completly empty. So anyway, worked hard and got a very good portion sorted out. Much went in the garbage, some went in the "sale/give" pile and then proud to say just a small portion is in the keep pile. I am all about decluttering my home and getting a handle and grasp on organizaiton....and this was a very good step to take. Feels good!

Today/night Noah made Lasagna from scratch, bread from scratch and salad..from scratch. It was a wonderful meal and I should not complain except....he left behind about 1005 dishes. I dont know where all the dishes came from? The basement? I didnt realize we had that many dishes. So anyway, I suggested that if we did it as a team that it would get done faster and be fun. Wow, was I wrong. Remind me to do the dishes by myself like usual. He returned several dishes to the sink , rejecting them in the rinse, saying they were not good enough. I commented that doing dishes with him was like being in hell's kitchen with gordon ramsay, except it was hell's kitchen Sink! Just when I thought dishes couldnt be any more tortorous (like when ben is pulling on me, hitting me trying to get me away from the sink) than usual....I have found a new high...or should I say low. Well, the good news is that the dishes are done. (for now)

Isabelle asked me today: If I got eaten by a monster, I'd never get to go to dance class right?

Ben doesn't say a lot of words, mostly: mama, hi, bye, wow, uh oh, ba, dah, etc.... but today he said...or should I say he sang very clear: dumb dog.... (we often sing that song and listen to that song from the annie soundtrack...maybe too often).

Well tomorrow regular routine of school and such starts...It's been a long day...I think I will go read for a smidge. Tonight we are trying a no tv night and I have to say I am really enjoying the quiet. I think we should do this more often. I keep reminding myself that we should set up some house rules like on supernanny.....of course if we don't watch t.v.....I will never know what grand advice supernanny may be passing out to desperate households....


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Shannon Bieger said...

I've missed your blog! : ) It took some time to balance life with 3 kids but I think I've finally found the magic ingredient to getting some free time for me - letting Erick fold the laundry! = D

Yay for the basement! I love how life feels after a big cleaning binge!

P.S. Your Easter pics are so adorable!