Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ben Boo and the Blue Balloon

A Rambling of Misc. Thoughts - (as I just notice Ben is taking every kleenex out of the box...). I couldn't believe my eyes on Friday when I woke up to a winter blizzard! It was crazy! As I noticed my gas tank on E....I had no choice to fight a brutal I stood there with the harsh whipping winds of ice snow slapping me in the face....I thought to myself...they like to say that Hell is a rather hot enviornment....I would think that it would be a brutal blistering cold like the moment I just had. Pure awful torture. Even with some new snow on the ground...Ive noticed the Robin's lately. They are back. Each bird has it's special something. I enjoy them all. I love how the robin....bobs...takes a couple bobbing steps...stops looks...and then continues on...again...just bobbin around the ground. I finally threw out our moldy pumpkins that we left outside and failed to get rid of before the snowy winter hit. It feels good to declutter (haha). Parent lesson learned: although it may seem to be a time saver to let your young toddler, eat and spoon his own pudding from a may be just slightly wiser to take the time to feed him yourself with this particuliar culinary delight....otherwise... chocolate pudding E V E R Y W H E R E. So, Noah was recently in a business meeting and his parnter was looking for papers and pulled something out from Noah's travel was a half used bottle of baby rays barbaque sauce (curitosy of benjamin). About a week ago, we were looking all over for the barbaque sauce, we thought we had some left, but figured we must have used it all. Well when noah cleaned out his case for repacking, he didnt check the outter pocket... Yesterday ben stuffed a total of six books in to his footy pajamas and then walked away like a stiff little monster.... (please ignore my spelling errors today, for today I do not feel like checking my work). So thanks to Ben, I have a bruised bloody lip...he banged his head into my mouth last night...that was fun....but just a tad less fun than when Isabelle asked me what the spots on my face were and when they were going to go away (I am having some skin/blemish issues lately). She kept pointing in disqust, so that was lovely..Yes, motherhood can be so grand. Isabelle was trying to practice somersault's recently and she came to me upset...and said, I can do a somersault....but I am not sure how to do a wintersault.... Well....the Easter Holiday is among us. There is much to do. May your Easter be happy and God bless you.

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