Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Delicious Autumn

Ben ~ 6 weeks 1 day old
Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Elliot
Im so excited that fall has finally arrived! Yippee! Before I know it I will be watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I must savor these moments as they are fleeting. I just had a grand thought, what if my favorite scents (burning leaves and baby powder) could be combined into one everlasting candle. <--oh throw some cinnamon in there as well. That would be cool. Excuse me if my thoughts are a muck but Isabelle wont stop talking to me as I try to type. Both kids have colds and now im getting one too. So, here's an fyi for anyone who calls us at the home front, as of tomorrow we are disconnecting our home phone service due to misc. reasons... so if you need to communicate with me or Noah, please call our cell phones. I promise I will be keeping my phone in hearing distance! (not in the bottom of my purse inside the diaper bag in the car with the windows closed.) I will make better efforts to keep it handy. . Our internet has been going out a lot lately, something wrong with our tower - that's nice and inconvient. We started planning an intimate baptism celebration for Benjamin to take place in November. I have been seeking opinions on whether it is ok or not that Ben wears Isabelle's baptism GOWN and from my poll results, the conclusion is Yes. So, that's good! Isabelle has to wear red to school tomorrow and for show and tell she needs to bring two of something. Tomorrow at the end of class (last 15 minutes), parents get to come in the class and watch a presentation of what the kids have been doing, so I am really looking forward to that. Scrapbooking/cardmaking - so now that Ben is offically here and we are settled into a some what routine, I am ready to take on any projects/ keep me in mind if anyone is looking to get something done in this regards. At this point , I am debating whether or not I will be picking up my Usborne book business. I am sorting the pros and cons in my noggin for the time being. Ive been drinking a lot of tea lately. Tea w/ honey. Oh, and I have discovered a new cheese (well a new cheese for me), I cant believe ive never really choosen Muenster before. It's cheesy but its good. I have a new current favorite's Rob Thomas's Streetcorner Symphony (discovered it from seeing the grey's anatomy promos). Last night I made cheese manicotti for dinner...tonight I will be preparing a dish I call turkey tenderloin and green bean casserole. Im so glad that the new season of THE OFFICE has started. I just love that show! Whenever Isabelle wakes up lately (even from an afternoon nap) she says: "good morning, im waking up now, see!". Tune in next time to see what the children will be for halloween...oh and remember folks, if life hands you lemons...cut them into neat little wedges and squirt them into somebodys eye, because if you must suffer, others must suffer as well.

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