Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Whine & Wine

(This photo of Isabelle reminds my of a song I used to love when I was little. Sugar, Sugar by The Archies...oh honey, ah Sugar Sugar ..Your'e my candy girl... )
Life is precious and everydays a prize...<--those are actually the lyrics im listening to right now. (elton john). So Isabelle and Lancelot both Whined alot today, so I figured I deserve some Wine. I wish they would both take a nap right now. It's been a long day between those two. At least the baby has been good! hehe This place is a circus. I swear Id run away but I couldnt run away to the circus since I live at the circus so there would be no place to go. Here is a funny scenerio that took place earlier today: Isabelle laying under the table where I was working...she was talking to herself: Goodnight grandma. Goodnight papa. Goodnight mary. Goodnight rubberband. Then I heard fake snoring......then she got up and ran away. <--My little weirdo. Yesterday Ben had his 1 month appt. check up. He is doing wonderfully well and he now offically weighs 10 lbs. His nicknames so far are: Benjamin Bunny and Private Benjamin...oh and Benny Bunny. Did you ever want to throw your dishes away instead of washing them? I am actually considering it. I wonder why play-doh doesnt just come in one color since not soon after being introduced to the child that they are all merged as one large glob anyway? It would save me a lot of anxiety...I could much more easily accept this chaos of color if it was meant to be that way from the start. I reordered my special edition elite personal elvis checks today. They will be delivered by DHL service. I must say I dont like that company, the people who deliver to us are quite rude for no reason. I think Im friendly but for some reason I get this attitude from them So has Noah so it's not just me! So I offically have gray hair. Every time I look in the mirror, there it is taunting me. It is a piece that I have cut from existance in the past, yet it grows back each time with more strength and vibrance. Whatever. I must accept this . I am upset to report that there is offically a mouse about the house. That's all I am going to say about that. Except this one comment: lovely. I have never cut the grass in my life. I have never grilled on a grill either...well except this little mini grill that cooked by lighting waded up newspaper in the bottom. I could grasp that conept easily. I believe I used to make premade burgers on it. I love this fallish crisp makes me want to go run through a pumpkin patch field and twirl around while leaves fall on my head. I wish I was a better cook/baker. It doesnt come easily for me. I have to read the recipes 40 times during the process and totally concentrate to get things right. It doesnt come naturally to me at all. I do enjoy cooking though believe it or not. Its fun...well except of course the doing of dishes. Which leads me to my current dilema of my debate of throwing them all away instead of washing whats in my sink. I dont know how isabelle can have two barretts in her hair and still manage to have hair in her face. If I had a choice of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or turkey and cheese sandwiches for the rest of my life...I think I would choose turkey. Yeah, turkey for sure. I just asked Isabelle if she is my peanut head? and she answered, "No, I'm Isabelle!"


Anonymous said...

I thought for sure you were gonna say "peanutbutter n jelly"
I am also left wondering about rubberband.Was this a visable entity or just a relative of the band-aid family.I also wonder if he has a costume. I guess the world may never know.
Take care, A.C.

Anonymous said...

I thought you would say peanutbutter n jelly too!

Love the happy faces.

Lynn said...

LOVE those pics!!

sally said...

i would definitely choose p'nut butter and jelly- grape jelly, extra crunchy peanut butter. just in case you were wondering...i think it's because turkey only lasts for so long in the fridge, and i get paranoid about bad turkey. get one case of food poisoning, and that will do it to ya.

i, too, love the photos!! :)