Saturday, June 17, 2006

Slip Covers & Fake Deer

Pet Peeves. Two of my major ones are when people who leave their christmas lights up way too long and when people dont use their turn signals. One of my other "favorite" pet peeves is: FAKE DEER. I just dont get it. I dont understand the concept of it. It's like people are trying to trick hey look! Here's a deer (or two), standing here on my property looking at you, how exciting- oh wait it's just a plastic piece of crap. I would like to take all of the fake deer from all these lawns and gather them into one field. Then the people can drive by and say" Hey look there's a whole field of deer! Oh wait...their fake. Then I would like to torch it.

Here is one more pet peeve...SLIP COVERS. Here is my personal situation. We have stripe couches and we have flowered carpeting. These items all must co-exist in the same room, yet they dont match. They clash. The chaos of these two patterns together, seriously makes me ill. It's just pure yuk. I can't afford new couches or new my only solution is to go blind or to use slip covers on the couches. Well the thing about slip covers is that they slip! They never ever stay on the couches. They are a constant pain in the butt. They dont stay put. I dislike them to the highest degree, yet I feel trapped in my situation to battle their placement every single day of my life. My dream simple as it is, is to rectify this situation and daily dilema by replacing the carpeting (which by the way collects and displays dog hair more then any other carpet that ever lived, but that's another story) or to get plain couches that would match this flowery designed carpeting. My dream seems like it will never come true. I guess I should be thankful that I have couches to put slip covers on and that I dont live under a bridge somewhere, heating my grieving soul by garbage can fire.

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