Sunday, June 18, 2006

Book Review: The Glass Castle

I have been such a slow reader lately (not counting the various toddler level books I read everyday). Seriously it takes me forever to finish reading a book these days! Anyway here is a short review of one I just finished for book club:
The Glass Castle - A Memoir - Jeannette Wells
This memoir is about Jeannette's childhood. She grew up in challenging circumstances with dysfunctional (drunk , selfish & mental) parents. The family was very poor most of the time and the children had to keep the household going and keep their parents in line as much as possible. At first I thought it was humourous the way that Jeannette wrote about her life, the tragedies, but then I realized how sad it was. Her story got very depressing very quickly. In the end she is a survivor who seems to have a decent life, but only because she was strong and brave through many dark situations.
Toast of the Town
Worth Telling a Friend - I would recommend this depending on what you want to take away from this story. The lifestyle this family lead was interesting...but sad. The whole time I was reading it, I just wanted someone to scoop the children up and take them to a warm, kind, safe place.
Needs A Boost

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sally said...

Thanks for the review... I was just told to read this book by someone, and had it on my library list... I"m thinking now that I may reconsider. I like a happy story, you know that! :)